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Neon II

Categories: Arcade, Free, Games, Online   1 comment - October 5, 2006

Neon IINeon IIRemember Neon, the beautiful retro, mouse controlled adaptation of Asteroids, developed by Ben Fox and Ali Maunder of Var Studios last July? Well, the good news is that they just released today a sequel to this game, Neon II!

With a scrolling playfield and no more waves like in the original one, Neon II has a lot of new features such as the use of the control key to stop your spaceship when you fire, which is a very helpful addition, especially for new players.

Smart Bombs are now available (you know, the ones that destroy all enemies on the screen) : just press the shift key to use them when needed, but check first that your Bomb blue bar is full (located at the bottom left corner of the game window).

Neon II allows you to combine primary and secondary weapons, and you will probably appreciate the brand new rear cannon, very helpful with chasing enemies.

Power-ups for primary weapons are now permanent, even if your spaceship is destroyed. Finally, the game features several new types of enemies, each one with its own characteristics.

All in all, Neon II is not better or worse than the original: it’s just… a different experience! The sequel is faster and more sophisticated than the original, but needs more practice to get used to the controls. A new must-try for any arcade games lovers!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00



Categories: Arcade, Flash, Free, Games, Online    - July 14, 2006

NeonNeon50Neon is a new adaptation of Asteroids, developed by the British Ben and Ali of VarStudios, and is their best game released on the web so far.

If Hot Rocks is almost a clone of the original, Neon differs by a lot of new additions. First of all, controls are with the mouse instead of the keyboard. Move your spaceship with your mouse and press the left button to fire. Six different types of enemies are implemented in Neon, each one with its own abilities. And yes, you will have to destroy a lot of asteroids, known here as “Winders”, which are probably floating in space to remind us the original game. 9 power-ups are also available throughout the different levels (I should say “waves”), from the classic extra-life to the powerful radial blast (use it wisely).

I didn’t find anything to complain about in this game, but some players might find the controls with the mouse tricky to use. That being said, it’s a part of the gameplay and with a bit of practice, you should get used to it.

Overall Neon is a superb interpretation of a classic game. Graphics are simple but really original and the soundtrack fits perfectly to the intense pace of the game. Animations are almost perfect, with no lag and fast reactions. This game is so addictive that I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for a 10 minute break at work. You’ve been forewarned!

Have fun!

By Eric

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Categories: Arcade, Flash, Free, Games, Online   1 comment - May 9, 2007

LuminaraLuminaraLuminara was released yesterday by John Cooney and is sponsored by ArmorGames. John defines the game on his personal site “as an explosive pixel shooter like previous games Ellipsis and Spin Doctor. However, this game goes far beyond the others, provided 11 different enemies and 5 different power ups! The game is extremely fast-paced, and is already fighting to become my favorite game I’ve made (I really like Ellipsis)” – Read more at

Luminara is another very interesting Asteroid clone. The game is “colorful and explosive”, and the power ups add fun to the game. The graphics are very polished but the gameplay suffers from time to time from the too intense and distracting particles explosions that lead to lose the track of your ship.

That being said, if you like arcade games like Hot Rocks or the Neon series, chances are you will like Luminara and its ultra fasted paced 50 levels. Expect 10 minutes to complete all of them and submit your score!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00

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