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Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

Categories: Demo, Download, Games, Mac Os, Sponsors, Time Management, Walkthrough, Windows   27 comments - February 2, 2008

On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Can you help them restore some of Flo’s favorite places? Bring five restaurants back to life, and meet new customers like the Hungry Man and the Celebrity.

Take special care of customers with reservations and place flowers at the tables in order to make diners happier!

Once again, it’s all in a day’s work for the world’s greatest waitress and, with your help, her hometown’s greatest hero!

  • 50 Brand New Story Mode Levels.
  • Good pacing.
  • Positive changes reflected in the scenery.
  • Online multiplayer mode.

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero walkthrough!

WindowsPlay FREE for one hour or Order the FULL version
Mac OsPlay FREE for an hour or Order the FULL version

By Eric

current rating 3.00


2007 Top 10 Developers in the Category Puzzle games

Categories: Awards    - December 13, 2007

Here at FreeGamesNews, we love free browser-based games. The end of the year is coming soon, and it’s time for YOU to cast your vote for the Best Developers of the year in our first annual FreeGamesNews Awards.

Here are the 10 nominees in the category Best Puzzle games Developers of 2007, in alphabetical order:

Bart Bonte (Belgium)

Factory BallsBart Bonte is a Flash developer from Belgium who has already developed successful games. More well known for his Room Escape games (the Bonte Room series, A bark in the Dark, Loose the Moose), Bart released several puzzle games in 2007, such as Fields of Logic, Chicken Grow and more recently, Factory Balls.

Damien Clarke (Australia)

BloxorzDamien Clarke is a Flash game designer from Australia. Many of his games are co-sponsored by several major games portals, which is a sign of quality. The author has released two excellent puzzle games this year, Silversphere and Bloxorz.

Creative Units (Germany)

ExcitCreative Units is a German development and games design company that created Excit earlier this year. Excit is a very nice viral Flash game that borrows from RoadBlocks and its clone Orbox B heavily, but it takes the original idea to a whole new level!

GamePure (Japan)

Micro ArtGamePure is a Flash game design studio from Japan. GamePure has released many action games this year, such as Speed Cluster, Oshidama or the very cute Bound Bear series. They have also created a very unique Collapse-type game, Micro Art, impressive on many levels.

Stephen Harris (New Zealand)

BloonsStephen Harris is the author of the Bloons series and many other successful games. The original Bloons game was released last March and became an instant hit. Since then, Stephen has created Bloons World, a site dedicated to Bloons fans, two “Bloons” Tower Defense games, and a few other puzzle/skill games!

Yoshio Ishii (Japan)

Hoshi Saga 2From japan, Yoshio Ishii has been designing Flash games for several years now. He is well known for his Neko Series, a series of games involving cats. In 2007, he decided to focus on creating puzzle games, and released some very creative games such as Plupon, the amazing Hoshi Saga series, and more recently, Slidon.

Taro Ito (Japan)

Chat NoirTaro Ito, the game designer behind Gamedesign, has released many games over the years, and this year was no different with four new puzzle game titles, Porolith Flash, The Four Color Problem, School Wars and Chat Noir.

Michael Le

Jelly BlocksWhen Michael Le from Canada released his puzzle game Jelly Blocks last summer, he certainly wasn’t expecting instant success. Jelly Blocks is so simple and absorbing that people can’t stop playing. And with 100 levels available to play, it can take a while to complete it.

Preloaded (U.K.)

LaunchballPreloaded is a London-based Web design agency. After CDX, a multi-episode adventure released last year, Preloaded is back in 2007 with LaunchBall, a new addictive Puzzle/Physics Flash game created for the Science Museum in London their new Launchpad gallery.

Adam Schroeder (U.S.A.)

Sola Rola - THe Gravity MazeAdam Schroeder is the creator of the very challenging and delightful puzzle game Sola Rola. He also released the third (and final?) installment in his Asteroids Revenge earlier this year, and is now co-working on Argue (About Everything) with a fellow developer, a multiplayer real-time strategy game set for release next year at Kongregate.


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle   5 comments - November 2, 2007

BoggleBoggleEverybody knows Boggle, this famous word game designed by Allan Turoff in which each player finds the maximum assortment of letters for words of three letters or more in 3 minutes”. The good news is that the French team from ClusCrive, Ivan and Jessy, has launched an English multiplayer version of Boggle!

“In Boggle, words are formed from adjoining letters. Letters must join in the proper sequence to spell a word. They may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, to the left, right, or up-and-down. No letter, however, may be used more than once within a single word.

Any word is acceptable as long as it can be found in Boggle.ClusCrive dictionary. Plural nouns are allowed, as are all verb tenses. Proper names, abbreviations and foreign words are not accepted.”

The longer the word is, the higher the scores: 3 and 4 letters: 1 point, 5 letters: 2 points, 6 letters: 3 points, 7 letters: 5 points and 8 letters and more: 11 points.

If you like Boggle, you will enjoy this multiplayer version. Be warned though, there are much more players in the French section of the site than in the English one!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50

School Wars

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle, Strategy   41 comments - October 17, 2007

School WarsSchool WarsAfter Dice Wars that inspired the very popular multiplayer game kdice, here is School Wars, a new real-time strategy game released at Gamedesign by the Japanese game designer Taro Ito.

After you choose your own school color, your goal here is to annihilate all the others schools students!

The game seems to have no instructions, so here is what I’ve deduced so far:

  • Each school starts the game with three units on its base.
  • To command a unit, simply click it and then click a target (an enemy unit) or a destination square.
  • To select multiple units to command, click and drag a box around the units you wish to move.
  • Try to control as much spade and hearts squares as you can: the more territories you control, the faster you get new units.
  • Click and drag the rectangle in the small window located in the bottom right corner of the screen to explore the entire map and locate all your enemies.

If School Wars is very well done, the game suffers from the same problem as Dice Wars: the AI is terrible and it’s very, very hard to lose against the computer!

That being said, I really enjoyed this single player version while I played it, but because of the AI, the game has no real replay value. I wonder how successful School Wars would be with a multiplayer mode …

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.13


Richard Pendry (Mousebreaker) interview

Categories: Interviews   1 comment - September 22, 2007

MousebreakerRichard Pendry, the co-creator of Mousebreaker, was kind enough to grant FreeGamesNews an interview, which was conducted over email (thanks Rich!).

FreeGamesNews: Could you please introduce yourself and give us a quick history on Mousebreaker?

Rich: Hi, my name’s Richard and I’m one of the guys behind Mousebreaker. We’ve been working together for around six years now – we began as a small game development business in 2001, developing mainly sports-oriented “sticky” games for a broad range of clients who wanted to increase or entertain their visitors. The website, which we initially built to showcase these games, has grown over the years to become a good-sized game portal with a regular audience.

FreeGamesNews: How many people are working at Mousebreaker and how did the team come together?

Rich: We’re a very small team – only two of us work full-time, which means we’re always very busy. But we also work with various freelancers and independent developers we know.

FreeGamesNews: How did you decide to open new games portals, such as or

Rich: Both of those sites – as well as and – quickly developed a distinct audience so it made sense to give them dedicated sites. But we try to encourage a lot of movement between the sites, and try to make sure they all have the Mousebreaker style.



Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online, Puzzle   1 comment - August 24, 2007

Sumz!Sumz!Sumz! is a new Multiplayer Puzzle math game created by Absolutist, the authors of Numberz! and Digitz!

Your goal here is to be the first to clear the board from all spheres. Spheres and cubes contains numbers from 0 to 9, and all you need to do is create horizontal or vertical combinations of spheres and/or cubes that summed together give the targeted number featured on the top of the board.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move your group of three cubes at the top of the screen, and use the up and down arrow keys to switch the order of the cubes. Press spacebar to quickly drop a group of cubes and make a new one appear.

Sumz! reminds me of Koozac; you won’t spend hours on this game, but if you’re looking for a 10 minute diversion, it’s worth checking out!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


Categories: Cards, Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online   1 comment - July 20, 2007

Tripeakz!Tripeakz!TriPeakz! is the first multiplayer card game developed by Absolutist, the creators of the recently reviewed Numberz!

Your goal here is to be the first to move all your cards from the board to the discard pile located at the bottom of the game window.

To move a card down, just click a card that is one higher or one lower than the top card of the discard pile.

Jokers (J) match any card on the discard pile and R cards are used to remove any card from your board (use them wisely).

Note that there is an undo button to cancel your last move, particularly useful in fast-paced situations.

I played TriPeakz! for over an hour before I sat down to write this review, and all I can say is that this game is really addictive! TriPeakz! is one of my favorite games from Absolutist so far and I would highly recommend this game to any Solitaire fan!

Play TriPeakz! at FreeGamesNews and…

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online, Puzzle    - July 20, 2007

Numberz!Numberz!Numberz! is a new simple multiplayer mental math game developed by Absolutist, the creators of Digitz!.

Your goal here is to sum digits on the board (use your mouse to select them) and create sequences of connected – horizontally or vertically – tiles which, summed together, give a certain targeted total shown at the top of the game window.

The cells containing a valid sequence of digits are “cleared” (they turn white) and you and another player compete in each level to be the first to clear your board.

Numberz! gameplay is very close to the Digitz! one, and for the most part, you do the same thing. If you enjoyed Digitz!, you will probably love Numberz! as well.

Play Numberz! at FreeGamesNews and…

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


Categories: Action, Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online   1 comment - July 4, 2007

Bubblez!Bubblez!For all Puzzle Bobble and Frozen Bubble fans, Absolutist has created a multiplayer version of these very popular games.

Your goal here is to clear your board before your opponent does. To do so, shoot the colored bubbles to link 3 or more of the same color and make them disappear from your board.

Simply use your mouse to aim and click to fire.

Fun and addictive, Bubblez! is another family friendly game from Absolutist!

Play Bubblez! at FreeGamesNews and have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.60


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online   1 comment - June 24, 2007

ShumujongShumujongShumujong is a new multiplayer version of Mahjong developed by Absolutist.

The goal here is to clear the playfield before your opponent does, by selecting two free tiles (or more) that, summed together, give a certain targeted total shown at the top of the game window.

You won’t play Shumujong for hours, but all in all, it’s a fun little diversion for 10-15 minutes.

Play Shumujong at FreeGamesNews now and have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online, Puzzle   16 comments - June 18, 2007

Fitz!Fitz!Fitz is a multiplayer match-three puzzle game inspired from games like the very popular Bejeweled or the previously reviewed Zoo Keeper and Swap Job. The aim of this game created by Absolutist, is to line three or more identical objects horizontally or vertically to make them disappear and clear the board before your opponent does.

To do so, simply swap two objects from adjacent tiles, and when it’s possible, unlock the colored tiles on the playfield by matching objects inside them.

Fitz! is not original by any means, but this multiplayer version offers a really exciting challenge for people of all ages: competing against others in real time is lot of fun, and the game succeeds in generating more than enough excitement to please even the most skeptical fan.

Play Fitz! at FreeGamesNews now and have fun!

Note: level 6 is very hard to complete. You’ve been forewarned!

By Eric

current rating 3.43

Glassez! and Glassez! 2

Categories: Action, Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer   1 comment - June 12, 2007

Glassez!Glassez!Glassez! is a multiplayer game created by Absolutist based on the classic good-old mosaic game. The object here is to collect the pieces of glass from the blue conveyor and to move them onto matching cells on the blank mosaic. Try to fill your mosaic before your opponent does to score additional points.

Click a selected piece of glass to rotate it or drag and drop it into the trash if you don’t need it. Note that your score decreases each time you trash an item.

Play Glassez! at FreeGamesNews now and have fun!


Glassez! 2And for those who want more, Glassez! 2 Internet Community offers 180 new levels designed by the fans of Glassez, thanks to the editor included in the original game. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.40


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online, Puzzle    - March 27, 2007

DigitzDigitzDigitz is a simple multiplayer mental math game developped by Absolutist, the creators of Wordz. The game is simple enough to be fun for the whole family and is available at

Your goal here is to move digits on the board (use your mouse to do so) and create horizontal or vertical sequences of digits which, summed together, give a certain targeted total shown at the top of the game window.

The cells containing a valid sequence of digits are “cleared” (they turn white) and you and another player compete in each level to be the first to clear your board.

Digitz rapidly becomes surprisingly addictive as you try to clear as many cells as possible. With its 40 levels, this game should keep you entertained for a while!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00

Brad Borne (The Fancy pants Adventures) Interview

Categories: Interviews   3 comments - March 12, 2007

Brad Borne Interview(This interview was originally published at PlanetFreeplay and is reprinted with the permission of the author. Please visit PlanetFreeplay for more interviews!)

PlanetFreeplay: Well, hello Mr Fancy Pants!

Any Super Mario fan that takes notice of the independent gaming community is probably fully aware that many free remakes and clones of this much loved series exist. With the occasional exception, most are pale imitations of the original games. Brad Borne is responsible for developing The Fancy Pants Adventures and fortunately it fits into the ‘occasional exception’ category, except it isn’t exactly a remake and it isn’t exactly a clone. It features an original character doing Mario-esque things in a sketchy world. I had the chance to ask Brad Borne some questions. Sit down, shut up and read.

PlanetFreeplay: Introduce yourself to the readers.

Brad Borne: Hey there. I’m Brad Borne – the guy who made The Fancy Pants Adventures. I’m from Metairie, Louisiana and I’m a college student for the time being.

P.F.: When did you become interested in game development? Why did you choose flash? Is it something you take seriously and use all of your spare time on or more of a casual thing?

Brade Borne: Well, I’ve always enjoyed playing video games and I’m always trying to create something new so I guess I just sort of gravitated towards Flash as a medium. The first time I was ever able to use Flash to publish something was actually for stop motion animation. Once I actually had an excuse to use the program, though, I became interested in action script and really just kept playing around with it until I knew enough to make something that I thought was worth playing. Before Flash, though, I had played around with Ti-86 BASIC but that was about it. Nothing really complex but it gave me a taste of making something that other people were actually interested in playing around with.

After releasing Fancy Pants Adventures, I started freelancing – so those games I have to take seriously but the games that I make on my own – I don’t think I could ever consider it work. It’s just what I love to do. I don’t get as consumed by the process as much as I used to when I was still learning but I guess it takes up quite a bit more time than most peoples’ hobbies.



Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online, Word   2 comments - March 5, 2007

WordzWordzWordz is a simple multiplayer word game developed by the people behind Absolutist, a games publisher from Ukraine.

The game combines “crossword basis with simple swap-and-match gameplay” and is available at

In Wordz, you can test your vocabulary and your spelling skills against a human opponent: your goal here is to swap letters (use your mouse to do so) and be the first to decipher the different words randomly featured in each level.

A nice surprise is that the game is in SIX different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian!

Playing online against a human opponent is usually an interesting experience, and Wordz succeeds where most of word games on the web fail due to the lack of multiplayer features: Wellgames has enough traffic to find an opponent within seconds! Racing against another player is a lot of fun, especially if you select a language that is not your native one!

On the downside, there is no ranking system to sort the players by and there are no high score tables; players of different levels can play together, which can lead to some frustrating moments for both players.

That being said, if word games are something you enjoy, Wordz is a game that you simply can’t miss!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33

Martijn Kunst: Base Jumping II coming soon!

Categories: Interviews, Preview   41 comments - February 14, 2007

Base Jumping 2Martijn Kunst, the talented Dutch developer behind the previously reviewed Base Jumping, Bee Commando and Rodent Tree Jump is working hard on completing the sequel to his most popular game, Base Jumping. Martijn was kind enough to answer a few questions and reveal exclusive information about the development of his game.

Base Jumping 2FreeGamesNews: When did you come up with the idea of developing a sequel to the highly popular Base Jumping?

Martijn: I’ve always felt Base Jumping was poorly executed. So I’ve been trying to make up excuses to redo the game. I wanted the new version to have a new concept instead of slick graphics only.
While I was cleaning some fitness equipment on my Xmas visit to my parents I finally got a good idea for the sequel.

FreeGamesNews: when did development start on the game and when do you expect to release Base Jumping 2?

Martijn: Development started at the end of January. Providing no disasters happen, the game could be ready before the end of February. But I like to work on small projects and games when something comes up, so it’s not possible to give an estimated release date.


Bubble Islands

Categories: Arcade, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle   13 comments - February 1, 2007

Bubble IslandsBubble IslandsBubble Islands is a new retro-style arcade/puzzle game launched two days ago by dot-invasion, a Swiss design/entertainment studio created in 2005 by Alexandre Renevey.

Bubble Islands is strongly inspired by Puyo Puyo, a game developed in 1991 by the Japanese company Compile.

The version currently online at the time of writing is a finalist of the 2007 IGF Festival in the Best Web Browser Game category. The game isn’t finished yet but is already playable!

Two different modes are available: the arcade mode and the puzzle mode.

Bubble IslandsThe object of the game in the arcade mode is to defeat each of your opponents in a duel by filling their grid up to the top with parasites. To do so, connect at least 4 bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. The faster you connect your bubbles, the better.

In the puzzle mode, your goal is to remove ALL the bubbles from each of the 10 islands in each level. Once you’ve completed a level, the next one is unlocked.

Move your character with the arrow keys and press the space bar to drop your bubbles and to switch them as well while falling.

I spent almost two hours playing with this game today, and overall, if the concept of Bubble Islands is not really innovative, the game is amazingly fun and addictive. The eye candy graphics and the animations are impressive, the different characters are really cute, and the game offers many challenges and a great replay value, thanks to the two game modes available and to the special characters that you can unlock and use once all the others defeated.

And wait, there is more to come. As mentioned above, the game isn’t finished yet and a new version should be released soon, with a multiplayer mode, hi-scores and a puzzle submission option! We are really looking forward to the final version!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough for the puzzle part here.

By Eric

current rating 4.33

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