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Honey Bee 2 – a Chinese version of Minesweeper!

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle   1 comment - September 6, 2006

Honey Bee 2Honey Bee 2Honey Bee 2 is a Chinese Flash puzzle game available on and a very nice Minesweeper variant.

The object of the game here is to locate some of the bees hidden in a playfield made of hexagons in a limited number of tries.

Each hexagon can be cleared or uncovered by clicking on it. If a hexagon that contains a mine is clicked, the game is over. If the hexagon is empty, there are two options:

1. A number appears, indicating the number of adjacent hexagons containing bees or mines. A red background indicates that a mine (or more) is adjacent to the hexagon.

2. No number appears and all adjacent hexagons are cleared since they cannot contain mines.

With 10 bees to locate, only 5 mines to avoid and 20 attempts available in the first level, you should easily be able to go to the next stage (or you are really, really unlucky!). The difficulty increases with each new level, with more bees to find and more mines to avoid.

Honey Bee 2 is a well polished game with elegant graphics and animations. On the downside, the music becomes annoying after a while and there is no mute button implemented to turn it off.

Overall, with its faster gameplay, Honey Bee 2 is much more interesting than the Windows Minesweeper version and is a very good distraction for a 5 minute break! Have fun!

By Eric

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Categories: 5 minute, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle   1 comment - March 24, 2010

ClueSweeper is a puzzle game that combines elements of the board game Clue and Minesweeper. Your goal is to solve the mystery murder and identify the correct killer before you run out of moves. Nice little game for a short break (2 to 5 minutes)! Have fun!

By Eric

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