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Categories: 3D, Free, Games, Multiplayer, Online, Shooter, WebGL    - August 21, 2020

Merc.Zone Game

Merc.Zone is a 3D multiplayer FPS game from the same makers of, Blue Wizard Digital. Hop into the battlefield and prove your abilities.

Have fun!

By Jan

current rating 4.00


Categories: 3D, Action, Free, Games, Html5    - June 30, 2018 Game is a fun multiplayer FPS game. The graphics are all in pixel and you can have a different kind of fun here. Prove your shooting skill and enjoy the game! You can also try, a first-person shooter game with egg characters.

Have fun!

By Jan

current rating 5.00

Hide Online

Categories: 3D, Action, Free, Games, Hidden Object, WebGL    - June 15, 2018

Hide Online Game

Hide Online is an awesome combination of hide-and-seek with FPS element. You take turns to become the seeker and the one who hides. Play your role perfectly and become the winner.

Have fun!

By Jan

current rating 3.40

Capture the Newbies

Categories: 3D, Games, Java, Online, Shooter   8 comments - January 10, 2007

Capture the NewbiesCapture the NewbiesCapture the Newbies is a kid-friendly FPS available at Nicktoonsnetwork that should reminds you the famous Wolfenstein 3D, a game generally regarded as having popularized the first person shooter genre on the PC.

Your goal here is to clean an enemy planet by capturing as many pests as you can. To do so, use your net shooter and take care of your re-usable nets. Use the arrow keys to move and press space bar or click to hurl nets at enemies. Defeat the different Bosses and save the Earth!

Nice sense of immersion, cool net shooter upgrades, tons of pests, auto-save, Nicktoons characters bosses, secret doors, this game has it all!

Overall, Capture the Newbies is a very fun game to play for everyone!

Have fun!

Edit: this game is no longer available online!

By Eric

current rating 4.33

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