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Colour My Fate

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Platform, Puzzle   42 comments - December 26, 2009

Colour My FateColour My FateAfter Colour My Heart, Colour My World, and Colour My Dreams,  here is Colour My Fate , the fourth installement in the Colour My series created by Silver Stich from Australia.

“Once again, you must venture back to the city of Black & White, but this time to bring to the city the spirit of Christmas which has long died along with the colour of the world.

Explore the vast areas of the city collecting new colours to broaden your mind and ultimately, bring back happiness to the city, as well as happiness to your love.”

Colour My Fate is just as good if not better than the two previous installments. A must try!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


Colour My Dreams

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Platform, Puzzle, Walkthrough   17 comments - October 31, 2009

Colour My DreamsColour My DreamsColour My Dreams is the third installment in the Colour My series created by Silver Stich from Australia.

“In a black and white world, it becomes harder and harder to follow your dreams… and soon… they become nightmares…

In an abstract world where darkness is looming, find the colour that lies within and break free to the world you know, the one where she is there for you.”

This platform puzzler is considerably “darker to the previous games”.

I wonder why you can only move your character with the WASD keys in this one: annoying for non qwerty users…

Have fun!

Colour My Dreams walkthrough (thanks DNOMN8R and kudos to ravenwhite2yaoi!)

By Eric

current rating 4.47

Colour My World

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Platform, Puzzle   18 comments - October 19, 2009

Colour My WorldColour My WorldColour My World is the sequel to Colour My Heart, an experimental Flash created by Silver Stich from Australia.

“Travel across the complex rocky cliffs of the Grey Mountains into the clean and controlled city of B&W to meet up with your love waiting for you. Interact with the environment, solving puzzles and leaving a small trail of colour as you run, jump and even travel by Skytrain to explore this world.”

This platform puzzler is considerably “larger and more detailed” than Colour My Heart. It is obvious that the author spent a lot of time working on this one, “with a new physics code and a lot more detail in the artistic landscape”.

As a result, Colour My World is much longer longer to complete (5-10 minutes versus 1-2 minutes).

Colour My Heart received a very positive reaction from the gamers community. No doubt Colour My World will be even more successful!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.43

Colour My Heart

Categories: 5 minute, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Others   60 comments - February 15, 2009

Colour My HeartColour My HeartColour My Heart is more an experimental Flash than a real game, but it’s really worth a try.

Designed by Silver Stich, 18, from Australia, it takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Use the arrow keys to move.

There are many little hidden things in the world that can be interacted with, simply find them and click them, and in a few cases, you must do this to continue your journey.

Happy belated V-day!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.19


Coloured Code Room

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Room Escape, Walkthrough   21 comments - December 20, 2007

Coloured Code Room“Coloured Code Room” is a Room Escape game that takes place, well, in a colored room! As usual, my first reaction was to press the TAB key, and all I can say is that this key is NOT your friend here! Are you ready for pixel-hunting? Have fun!

Update: Coloured Code Room walkthrough in comment #14 (thanks Reka!) 

By Eric

current rating 3.33

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