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Armor – Detective Grimoire

Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Puzzle   3 comments - July 22, 2012

Detective Grimoire is an epic Adventure, Point’n’click, Puzzle game from Armor Games, developed by  SFB Games, Tom and Adam Vian.

In this demo version you play the role of a detective looking for clues to a murder in the deep swampy tourist trap.

 A lot of dialog in the beginning but you need the background.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 2.83


From Beyond

Categories: 5 minute, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Physics   4 comments - March 29, 2011

From Beyond is a short game made in just ONE weekend, as part of the Global Game Jam 2011, by Tom and Adam Vian, the Super Flash Bros.

“As a cosmic horror from deepest space, you’re determined to wipe out all life on Earth. Launch your extra-terrestrial weapons towards an unsuspecting world, from any angle you choose.

Position the hand around the earth with the mouse, click to start aiming with the mouse, click again to launch.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.33

Detective Grimoire

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Walkthrough   55 comments - July 7, 2007

Detective GrimoireDetective GrimoireDetective Grimoire is a Point’n’Click crime investigation game created by the Super Flash Bros Tom and Adam Vian, the authors of Blue Rabbit’s Climate Chaos.

You play as Private Detective Grimoire himself in the game and you have to figure out who killed Hugh Everton, who was found dead at the local fairground that operates just outside of town. The cleaner, one Jerry Spears, discovered the dead body of his former colleague inside the Hall of Mirrors. The clown, Charles Ringer, who works at the same fairground, is the main suspect…

Tom and Adam Vian have been working on this game for over five months, and the result is very impressive. Be warned though: the game might not appeal to those of you who don’t like a lot of readings in games.

The Super Flash Bros put a making of Detective Grimoire on their site: be sure you don’t miss it.

Have fun!

Source: Graeme.

Update: walkthrough in comment 7 (thanks ben!)

By Eric

current rating 4.09

Blue Rabbit’s Climate Chaos

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Walkthrough   141 comments - November 9, 2006

Blue Rabbit's Climate ChaosBlue Rabbit's Climate ChaosBlue Rabbit’s Climate Chaos is a new Point’n’Click adventure game developped by Tom and Adam (aka Dim) Vian, two brothers from England.

The adventure takes place on a tiny archipelago: Blue Rabbit and his friends will have to help the natives Chief to find out what happened to his son.

Use the arrow keys to move the Blue Rabbit and your mouse to interact with other people and objects.

The authors did an amazing job with this game: the 3D graphics are impressive for a Flash game, the soundtrack fits very well with all the scenes, and the conversation system using only a few symbols is a great addition that makes the game accessible from all around the world!

Overall, Blue Rabbit’s Climate Chaos is a very original and entertaining game recommended for everyone: have fun!

Note: need some hints? Check the guide written by the authors.

update: walkthrough in the comments.

By Eric

current rating 4.05

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