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Bloons Tower Defense

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Strategy, Tower Defense   285 comments - August 16, 2007

Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower DefenseFor those who get tired of shooting balloons in the Bloons series, Ninjakiwi has just released a new Tower Defense game based on the Bloons world.

Use the dart, tack, ice, bomb or superman towers to stop any balloons from escaping the maze. You can upgrade your towers or sell them for 80% of what you paid for them. Beware of the larger balloons that move faster and contain smaller balloons inside!

There is no real innovation in this game, but Bloons TD is challenging and you will probably need patience and practice to reach the 50th and last level of this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.20


Bloons World

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle, Skill   14 comments - June 27, 2007

Bloons WorldBloons WorldBloons World is live! After Bloons and More Bloons, the folks at Ninjakiwi have launched Bloons World yesterday, a site dedicated to Bloons fans, with a special version of the game that allows registered users to create their own levels!

Over 1200 levels are already available at the time of writing! Be warned though, some levels contain mature themes or offensive language and are not really appropriate for a young audience.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.40

More Bloons

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle, Skill   354 comments - April 18, 2007

More BloonsMore BloonsFound today at Ninja Kiwi: “By popular demand, More Bloons is here. Play 50 all-new challenging levels, and a new special balloon type! Some of these levels are very hard, and should keep most of you busy until Bloons 2 is released…”

If you never played Bloons before, I recommend you start with the original before you try More Bloons. Just use your mouse to aim and throw. Click and hold to choose the power, release and pop as many balloons as possible!

Stephen Harris did again a great job here, and I can’t wait for Bloons 2. That being said, More Bloons is definitely much harder than Bloons!

Warning: this game is just as addictive as the original!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.17


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle, Skill   353 comments - March 28, 2007

Bloons-BloonsHave you ever seen a monkey playing darts? Bloons is the latest game released by Stephen Harris. And in this little puzzle/skill game, you, as a monkey, will have to play darts and pop as many balloons as possible in each of the 50 puzzling levels.

Use the mouse to aim and throw. Click and hold to choose the power.

After the initials easy levels, the difficulty increases nicely as you progress through the game and you will soon need the help of the special balloons to complete the different challenges.

A few levels are probably a bit too difficult and you will probably find yourself frustrated from time to time as you try to complete them. Fortunately, the game automatically saves your progress, so that you can return later and start again at the level you left off.

Minor flaws aside (darts sometimes fly through bouncing blocks), Bloons is a very nice and very addictive game, with an interesting and original gameplay.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.90

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