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Richard Pendry (Mousebreaker) interview

Categories: Interviews   1 comment - September 22, 2007

MousebreakerRichard Pendry, the co-creator of Mousebreaker, was kind enough to grant FreeGamesNews an interview, which was conducted over email (thanks Rich!).

FreeGamesNews: Could you please introduce yourself and give us a quick history on Mousebreaker?

Rich: Hi, my name’s Richard and I’m one of the guys behind Mousebreaker. We’ve been working together for around six years now – we began as a small game development business in 2001, developing mainly sports-oriented “sticky” games for a broad range of clients who wanted to increase or entertain their visitors. The website, which we initially built to showcase these games, has grown over the years to become a good-sized game portal with a regular audience.

FreeGamesNews: How many people are working at Mousebreaker and how did the team come together?

Rich: We’re a very small team – only two of us work full-time, which means we’re always very busy. But we also work with various freelancers and independent developers we know.

FreeGamesNews: How did you decide to open new games portals, such as or

Rich: Both of those sites – as well as and – quickly developed a distinct audience so it made sense to give them dedicated sites. But we try to encourage a lot of movement between the sites, and try to make sure they all have the Mousebreaker style.



Being One: Episode 5 – Infection

Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Room Escape, Shooter   7 comments - April 28, 2012

Being One: Episode 5 is an Action packed Adventure game from Mousebreaker created by Psionic.

Super graphics and a challenge in every scene.

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.94

Being One – Part Three – Dark Matter

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Room Escape, Walkthrough   24 comments - September 4, 2009

Being One - Part Three - Dark MatterBeing One – Part Three – Dark Matter is the third installment in Being One, a Room Escape game series created by Psionic. What horrors await as you delve deeper into the laboratory in this third part? Psionic made it “a little less of a ‘collect em up’ and tried to add more smaller logic puzzles”. Have fun!

Being One – Part Three – walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 3.80


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Puzzle   6 comments - May 22, 2009

Beerland If you enjoyed games like Hapland, Cowabanga, Ari or Serendipity in 2D, give a try to Beerland, where your goal is to put an unusual pub on orbit! Yes, you read right, on orbit! Not as good as Hapland but still worth a try, especially if you like beer. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.60


The Morning After

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Room Escape, Walkthrough   114 comments - February 19, 2008

The Morning AfterThe Morning AfterGreat news today! After Icescape, Mousebreaker has just released The Morning after, the second Room Escape game designed by Psionic from UK.

“You wake up in a strange house, your head’s throbbing and you’re locked in. Been there? It’s the morning after that party – can you find the front door key and escape from the student house?”

You will meet several people in this house, and each of them will ask you to perform different tasks or find different items. Some tasks consist of mini-games which have their own “how to play” rules: read them carefully!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

The Morning After walkthrough (thanks Wena!)

By Eric

current rating 4.11

Golf Jam

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Sports   2 comments - October 2, 2007

Golf JamGolf JamGolf Jam is a new golf driving range game released by Mousebreaker. First of all, choose your player from four different characters and then prepare yourself for a challenging training program!

You control your player with the mouse: aim your shot by moving your mouse while keeping an eye on the wind indicator. Adjust your aim and then click to start the power and click again to stop it at the desire level.

10 training stages must be unlocked before you can play the “all targets” final level.

That’s all you need to know to play Golf Jam. But to master it, well, that’s another story!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00

Pinch Hitter 2

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Sports   125 comments - September 4, 2007

Pinch Hitter 2Pinch Hitter 2After the success of Pinch Hitter, Mousebreaker’s team launched Pinch Hitter 2 last July and it became an instant hit.

Your challenge in this Baseball game is to take a player all the way from The Sandlot, through the Little League, to the glory and floodlights of Major League Baseball.

While many players complained that PH2 needed an easier type of play and disliked it, many others loved it and kept hooked for hours!

If you didn’t already play Pinch Hitter 2 and if you want to make your own opinion, you know what to do…

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.03

Presents Panic

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Puzzle   1 comment - December 18, 2006

Presents PanicPresents PanicPresents Panic is a Tetris-like game, submitted to the recent Mousebreaker Flash Game Development Competition.

Developed by Sam Bellman (aka HappinessSam) from London, UK, the game is more sophisticated than Tetris, and much harder to master.

The game starts with a short and nice tutorial, in which you will learn how to move and rotate the blocks with the arrow keys, how to match presents and how to remove them with your mouse, how to swap presents, and, last but not least, how to fill you power bar in order to stop the falling blocks with the space bar or, even better, destroy a group of presents by clicking the bomb button!

With nice graphics and a good soundtrack, Presents Panic is an original and interesting new interpretation of Tetris, and once you got used to the controls, it becomes quite addictive!

A nice present for all Tetris fans!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Skill    - December 14, 2006

ValoValoValo is a small and very nice skill game developed by Ian Snyder that was just released today at Mousebreaker. The game finished at the third place of the Mousebreaker Flash Game Development Competition organized this fall by Richard and his crew.

The object here is to use your mouse pointer and click all the blue dots to advance to the next level (100 levels are available), while avoiding the red dots. Hold your mouse button and drag your pointer over the dots to draw lines and then go faster (default style: 1 click).

Each level is timed: you will score a bonus if you succeed to complete a level before the time is over, or get negative points if you spend more time than allowed.

Collect the purple dots to get more time, and yellow dots to refill your heath bar. The game is over once your health bar is empty.

Valo is another perfect example of how a game can be really successful with a simple design and a minimalist soundtrack: it’s simply beautiful, it’s very addictive and it reminds us that code is sometime… poetry!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00

Soap Bubble II

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Skill   7 comments - November 12, 2006

Soap Bubble IISoap Bubble 2Soap Bubble II is a new skill game developed by Anders Gustafsson from Sweden.

In the first episode, released almost two years ago, you were a soap bubble playing with your friends when you discovered a hole behind a bush. As you entered the hole, some rocks felt behind you and blocked the exit. The only way to escape was to go through each of the 14 levels of the game, without touching anything.

In Soap Bubble II, the poor bubble finds itself trapped in a more industrial setting and will have to struggle with wind tunnels, water hazards and machinery gone haywire.

Use the arrow keys to move your bubble. Pressing any arrow key increases your speed as long as you hold it down.

Soap Bubble is a very hard skill game: it looks like the author decided to improve everything in episode II, and as a result, the sequel is… harder!!

My best advice to help you keep your nerves under control: don’t play this game! Oh and Anders, if you decide to work on S.B. 3, please, make it easier!

And now that you’ve been warned, have fun!

Update: Enter level codes in uppercase!

Note: Play Soap Bubble here…

By Eric

current rating 3.50

Pod Panic

Categories: Arcade, Flash, Free, Games, Online    - October 27, 2006

Pod PanicPod PanicPod Panic is the latest game released by Alastair O’Shea.

This little Shooter borrows some elements from classic games like Asteroids, and is a fun and simple arcade game. Control your spaceship with the arrow keys, aim and fire with your mouse and repel everything away by pressing the space bar (but don’t forget that you only have two hands!).

Chase and catch the orange balls to repair your shield and use the “P” power-ups to increase your fire rate. The game ends once your shield is gone.

The game features nice graphics and great animations, is very smooth to play but it can become a bit repetitive after a while.

That being said, Pod Panic is nicely done and addictive enough to keep you hooked 15 minutes or more: that is exactly what we are looking for! Have fun!

Note: if you want to know a bit more about Al O’Shea, I recommend you to read the interview he had last August with Mousebreaker.

By Eric

current rating 3.50

Blast Off!

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click   11 comments - June 28, 2006

Blast OffBlast OffBlast Off is a brand new small and easy Point’n’Click game developed by Steve Redshaw from

Try to click on astronauts, control panels, hatches and everything else but in a correct order and the Rocket will blast off safely. Don’t make any cruel mistake, or the mission will be aborted. To add more intensity, Redshaw has implemented a 3 minutes rocket launch countdown! It is obvious that you shouldn’t be successful to solve this puzzle game during your first attempt, even with the best walkthrough!

That being said, every action is logical here, and there is no need to click frantically everywhere. Perfect for a twenty minute break. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.67

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