Wogger Walkthrough – Levels 3 & 4

Level 3 – Sonne

Sonne level

A big flat rock with a trunk and a barrel accosts Wogger’s home. Click the grass on this big rock, right to the barrel and Wogger will board the rock. Click the faucet on the barrel (bottom left) to open it. Click the top of the barrel and hold the left button down to empty it and water the trunk. Three fruits will appear at the top of the trunk.

Click the center of the spider’s web and leave the flat rock. Click the far left fruit and drag it onto the top of the barrel (drop it into the barrel). Repeat with the two other fruits. Watch the scene and the strange spaceship.

Click the far left side of the space raft. Click the propeller at the top of the pile of rocks on the asteroid and drag it onto the mast of the raft: your space raft is now almost ready to go. Click the light and the anchor to release it and let Wogger boards the space raft. Drag the light onto the lamp hanged in the space raft to light it; click the button on the mast to lift the raft up. Click this button again to leave the asteroid.

Sonne level

Once arrived to your new destination, click the anchor and drag it onto the zipper to open a sort of portal: click the portal.

Go through the slide and you will end on a small platform with some grass on it (note the jellyfish that will appear shortly on the bottom right part of the game window). Well, you’re in the wrong place!

Click the small snail to the bottom left of this small platform to lift it up and go through the slide again. Once Wogger is in lower part of the slide, click the snail stuck to this lower part to rotate it clockwise: it’s a bit tricky to do, keep trying!

Wogger will land on a jellyfish and three others will appear, next to the first one (#1 to #4 from left to right). Click the bottom part of jellyfish #1 and Wogger will jump on jellyfish #2. Note that jellyfish #3 moved to the left, leaving an empty space between #3 and #4. Don’t jump from #2 or Wogger will fall in the empty space, and you will have to replay all the sequence from the beginning. Click instead jellyfish #4 to move it to the left (no more dangerous empty space now). Click the bottom part of jellyfish #2 and Wogger will land safely on jellyfish #4.

End of level 3.

Level 4 – Qualle

Qualle level

Click the shining star on the left of the screen and drag the light to the second jellyfish from the left: seven new jellyfish will appear. Try to find the safe path through the jellyfish to the giant shellfish (don’t worry, it’s easy – if you fall, just try again). Note that the safe path appears for a very short time at the end of the jellyfish ballet. Once at the entrance of the shellfish, click the bottom part of the entrance to go inside.

Click the far left snail. Stop the machinery by clicking the right part of the balancing thing on the left. Click below the lower gear (the third one from left): the glass door will close and protect you from the giant murene. The next step is to drag and drop the three fruits into the area between the four right gears, above the two lower gears, and below the dot line (sometimes tricky – see the picture).

The goal is now to restart the machinery and press the fruits by using the two lower gears. Click the left part of the “no more” balancing thing to the left to do so. Some seeds will appear below the second / third gears from the left. Click the small lever located to the right of the glass window to open it. Click the skin of the fruits and drag it to the murene’s mouth. The giant fish is gone.

Qualle level

Click the seeds and drag them onto Wogger’s home (in his thoughts). Click the barrel and drag in the area where you dragged the fruits before. The machinery stops again! Click the hole where the murene was and go back outside: you’re now on the top of the shellfish. Click the bubble to the right and drag it onto Wogger.

Let the bubble cross the field of jellyfish until it end against one of them. Move your pointer over the border between the jellyfish and your bubble (see picture – don’t click anything): this will “push” your bubble to the left. Let the bubble climb higher and pop against another jellyfish. Click the bottom of the rope to get out.

End of level 4.

If you’re playing the free version of Wogger, you’re close to the end! Click the spoiler below.


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