Loom Blend

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Loom BlendLoom BlendLoom Blend is the latest Room Escape game from Azuki, the author of Loom Above, Room Marine, Room Bath and Room Fake.

For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a small green room, and the exit door is locked!

Loom Blend will appeal to Azuki’s fans. As usual, it is beautifully done and it features a save option, just in case!

Have fun!

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Loom Blend walkthrough (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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186 Comments to Loom Blend

  1. Peter Parkerson says:

    Can anybody please help me!? I’m stuck with the hatch in the floor. Have the code Show

    I have intered it a couple of times, but I don’t know how to “finish”, there’s simply nothing to press.

  2. daber says:

    allikka–put the numbers in the floor puzzle…must be something wrong…what do you do with the U?

  3. allikka says:

    yellow stone:

    blue stone:

    Once you go out

  4. daber says:

    thanks for your help D.evil

  5. allikka says:


  6. daber says:

    allikka–could you help with the new code?

  7. daber says:

    Peter…first floor code..you almost have it…tryShow

  8. daber says:


  9. allikka says:

    For me the code was:

    but I supose it might change each time

  10. allikka says:


  11. Peter Parkerson says:


    Thanks, but what to do now?

  12. daber says:

    Thanks, allikka…it didn’t change.

  13. daber says:

    Out..with all the stones. Thanks for the help! That was a good game. Have a good evening everyone.

  14. daber says:

    @peter…you the first floor code puzzle gives you the first code for the green wall box–justShow

  15. Peter Parkerson says:

    I can’t read it. It’s something like this Show

  16. daber says:

    Others have had trouble reading it too…look at the symbols on the green box and see if you can match any of them to it….

  17. daber says:

    @ peter

    Unfortunately I am out of the game now…and can’t recall the order of the colors but the symbols are something likeShow

    hope this helps.

  18. daber says:

    @ peter…that is the order from my notes…unless it’s different for every game…but the other codes have been the same..

  19. Peter Parkerson says:

    I can’t get it :( I think I’m gonna quit this one (I’m back when there’s a walkthrough)

  20. daber says:

    sorry Peter….this is a tough one…

  21. jackivee says:

    Apparently, for many people, the symbols by the door are not legible. They simply look like a bar code and when you zoom in, they look like four squares. Also, the code changes for each game and there are 2401 combinations. Therefore, we cannot finish the game. Grr!

    Any suggestions?

  22. jackivee says:

    Other than that, I’d have to disagree with Peter. This isn’t a very difficult one.

  23. jackieee says:

    I still cannot open the blue box on the floor, I understand how to, and have followed directions from everyone else, yet it does not open.

  24. Reka says:

    Unfortunately, the first code for the green wall panel changes from game to game, so if you’re getting undisplayable characters in the top corner to the right of the door, you’re pretty much screwed.

    @jackivee, I think this game was pretty difficult – there are a LOT of puzzles to solve.

  25. Reka says:


    1. Show


    2. Show

    3. Show


    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show


    9. Show

    10. Show

    11. Show

    12. Show

    13. Show

    14. Show

    15. Show


    16. Show

    17. Show

    18. Show

    You can go out now, but it’s the incomplete ending. You need to find Show

    to get the real ending.

    19. Show

    20. Show

    21. Show

    22. Show

  26. allikka says:

    For those that can’t see the code for the green box – try installing japanese character set into your browser, then it might be able to display the characters. I guess FF has that feature enabled, but maybe other browsers don’t?…

  27. allikka says:

    Ok, that’s apparently not browser’s fault, but OS’s:

  28. atv says:

    Thank you Reka for the Walkthrough I started the game the other day and just gave up Thanks again :)

  29. Wolfie says:

    reka’s walkthrough is not good enuff for me

  30. Reka says:

    Wolfie, where are you stuck?

  31. hamthep says:

    OMG, Can you who see Japanese Characters tell me their order like “green blue red white” or some thing? I can’t solve the game just because I have all square characters!

  32. Sylli says:

    Hi Reka,

    very well descriptive Walkthrough, thanks for your trouble!

    Because of symbols for green box… Switch out, look where shelves color border

    sorry for my English

  33. Reka says:

    Hamthep, that code changes each game, so no, we can’t tell you what colors to put in. (Yeah, I know, it’s pretty screwy that that one code in the entire game is variable, and it’s the one that depends on your operating system being able to display Asian characters.)

  34. Anemic says:

    That’s too bad. I was enjoying this, got stuck after solving the green tea puzzle, and finally came here only to find out that I can’t play the game because of a design flaw affecting those who don’t display Asian characters.

  35. m-m-m-me says:

    The symbols won’t show for me! There’s no characters or placeholder boxes and I tried zooming in but nothing’s there!

  36. L. says:

    The buttons under the trap door don’t let you enter another code into them :(