Eco Room

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Eco Room is another Room Escape game from IDAC, the team behind Pick Up, Talking Sheep, Prank, The Cage, Ticket, Free Falling, JOBpico, Bon Voyage, The Daydream and so many other games!

You enter an unknown room, and the door closes behind you. Look around for useful items and eventually escape from the Eco Room.

Like previous games from IDAC, Eco Room is very nice looking, but it is also all in Japanese!

Have fun!

04.26.12. Now available in English!

By Eric

current rating 3.54


83 Comments to Eco Room

  1. Em says:

    going to try this out!

  2. sue says:

    hi just started lets see found lots of things but no idea what to do with them

  3. sue says:

    is there anyone playing

  4. sue says:

    put usb in lamp stuck

  5. Peter Parker says:

    How do you turn on the fan?

  6. daber says:

    Hi all, Sue, what lamp…I have usb I think, can’t find where to put it.

  7. Peter Parker says:

    It’s not a lamp, it’s a fan. It’s standing on the table (with the pic of a dolphin)

  8. daber says:

    Oh…tried that and can’t seem to get it to take the usb

  9. Em says:


  10. daber says:

    sure wish I knew Japanese

  11. daber says:

    Thanks Em, that makes a strange contraption! Anyone know where the required screw driver is?

  12. perito says:

    Where is the USB?

  13. sue says:

    only 4 open item spaces left and I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything

  14. perito says:

    I fiand a silver key in the lamp under dolphin

  15. daber says:

    And I seem to be missing some batteries as well..

  16. sue says:

    looks like we need a stamper (that is an ink pad I hope)

  17. sue says:

    use coin like a screwdriver

  18. daber says:

    Thanks Sue…got batteries and inserted them in what looks like aShow

    Two places left…but no idea what to do next.

  19. daber says:

    found two numbers for the code…

  20. sue says:

    The blue thing looks like a solar powered battery charger, but can’t put it anywhere

  21. daber says:

    batteries can go in two different items…and can be taken out of them

  22. daber says:

    anyone know what the piece of paper is for?

  23. daber says:

    so maybe the batteries get charged and then put in the item with the four squares on it.

  24. daber says:

    anyone have everything? I’m still missing two items.

  25. sue says:

    me too, two

  26. Anonymouse says:

    charge batteries: Show

  27. sue says:

    grr, tried the top of the dresser, but w/the light on. TY!

  28. Peter Parker says:

    Ckick Show

  29. sue says:

    now we have a Show

    remote for the fan

  30. Peter Parker says:


  31. daber says:

    and a third number for the code

  32. sue says:

    any idea why we can turn the fan to it’s side?

  33. mimi says:

    If you click on the fan after you turn it on…

  34. mimi says:

    Oh Oh!!

    Combine the Show

    with the Show

    then use the Show

    with the Show

    Do not understand symbols yet.

  35. Anonymouse says:

    use the symbols for what order to put the numbers in the safe

  36. mimi says:

    Oh now I sort of see…
    The symbols are the Show

  37. Anonymouse says:

    4th # Show

  38. daber says:

    where do you click to turn the fan…?

  39. daber says:

    my coin is number 2

  40. daber says:

    took the phone off the fan…can’t get it back on and still haven’t turned the fan…help anyone

  41. Anonymouse says:

    have the 4 butoon remote selected (with charged batteries), then just click on fan

  42. Anonymouse says:

    to turn fan, do not have the remote selected, click where the fan blades are, and it’ll turn

  43. sue says:

    out,,,my code #’s were different

  44. daber says:

    ah, so simple after all…thanks

  45. Jenn says:

    sorry, but where is the usb? i see where it hast to go into the fan but i cant find it…

    also, just to help:Show

  46. daber says:

    out…beautiful graphics

    thanks for your help!

  47. Liz says:

    Where is this remote everyone is talking about??

  48. Merlina says:

    Where is the ink pad?

  49. Merlina says:

    Forget that…I thought it was a laptop…Lol.

  50. sdf says:

    where is the coin ?