Aquarius SS

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Aquarius SSAquarius SS is the latest Room Escape game from Twelve Dragon, the author of the Twelve Gate series. Your goal is still to find several balls of different colors and use them to progress in the game. The game is in Japanese, and the language barrier doesn’t help! Have fun!

Aquarius SS walkthrough (thanks Crool!)

By Eric

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23 Comments to Aquarius SS

  1. Jules says:


  2. Jules says:

    For now I have found Show

    Anyone else there? =)

  3. Jules says:

    Also found Show

  4. Jules says:

    And… Show

  5. daber says:

    I’m here…but can’t find anything….just clicking around and getting frustrated

  6. Anemic says:



    I don’t even think this one is terribly satisfying for the pixel hunters. It’s not as if the statues are drawn in such a way as you can find the right pixel other than with random clicking.

  7. Jules says:

    Found out something interesting: Show

  8. Jules says:

    There is no graphic clue for balls #4 =(

  9. daber says:

    Nope…this is really bad…too much random clicking for me…bye everyone.

  10. Jules says:

    For fourth blue ball Show

  11. Jules says:

    4th red ball… Show

  12. Jules says:

    5th balls do come with a graphic clue

  13. Jules says:

    CLue for sith Ball on blue ball’s screen is pretty straight forward Show

  14. TheMax says:

    Go to this page to translate Japanese to English.

    Hope this helps.

  15. Crool says:

    Out, It isn’t realy pixelhunting, but the 2nd blue ball only apears when you found the 1st, and the 3th when you found the 2nd, etc. Also for red of course.

    Love these games, but the one before this one was better.

  16. Crool says:

    oh and one other hint, if you found a ball by a statue, you don’t have to check this statue again, every ball will apear to another statue.

  17. Crool says:

    1st red ball Show

    1st blue ball Show

    for finding the 2nd red and blue ball, place the 1st balls in the board on the wall first

  18. Crool says:

    2nd blue ball Show

    2nd red bal Show

    3th red ball Show

    3th blue ball Show

    4th red ball Show

    4th blue ball Show

  19. Crool says:

    EDIT FOR 4th blue ball, meant RIGHT VIEW!!!! and 4th red ball in the LEFT VIEW.

    5th blue ball Show

    5th red ball Show

    BLACK ball Show

    WHITE ball Show

    You only have to pull the handle and out

  20. daber says:

    odd game….hint in the panel over the board where the balls are placed was helpful

  21. daber says:

    Crool–not as much fun as the one last night…

  22. sue says:

    All this back and forth, wish I could pick the correct one the 1st time!!

  23. Crool says:

    Hi Daber, yes indeed ;)