Find the Dwarfs in No1Game

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Find the Dwarfs in No1GameFind the Dwarfs in No1Game is the latest installment in the the Japanese Room Escape Find the Dwarfs series. Find a key and at least 25 dwarfs to get out of the room. As usual, this game features four different endings and there are 40 dwarfs in total in this room… Have fun!

Find the Dwarfs in No1Game walkthrough (thanks Fire Storm!)

By Eric

current rating 4.00


27 Comments to Find the Dwarfs in No1Game

  1. daber says:

    first..let’s see where they are

  2. Em says:

    going to give it a try now…

  3. daber says:

    Ah, 36 and out. Can’t find the last four.

  4. Em says:

    found 33

  5. Em says:

    35, and found key

  6. Em says:

    did you get any from the clock?

  7. bolita says:

    i can´t get in. just get a forbidden message :( is there an alternative link? i love these games…

  8. ALB says:

    Have 35 and can see the one Show

    but haven’t been able to get it yet.

  9. Fire Storm says:

    So far 35 and the key

  10. bosco says:

    have 38 but no key….anyone know where the key is?

  11. Fire Storm says:

    I got 37 now. Where is 38 bosco? key is Show

  12. bosco says:

    my key was Show

    Heres a little hint Show

    Cant remember the location of all the dwarfs…sorry

  13. Grootmoeder says:

    Found 39
    Can’t find the last one.

  14. bosco says:

    did you get the one Show

  15. bosco says:

    i’m seeing brown and white dots in my eyes…. 38 good enough for me…95% …would have been a good grade in school…lol… gl all

  16. vanni ogg says:

    help! when I try to open the game a blank page comes with the text “You don’t have permission to access /games/jp/game009.html on this server”. what am I doing wrong? I want to play the game – I love these dwarf-games

  17. Fire Storm says:

    Bosco key is Show

  18. Fire Storm says:

    Partial walkthrough (38 plus key) if anyone needs it.


    That’s all I found so far but I will keep looking

  19. Fire Storm says:

    39 under Show

  20. Fire Storm says:

    Full Walkthrough


  21. Fire Storm says:

    I love these games!!!

  22. paddy paws says:

    out with 40.yeah!

  23. ceres says:

    where can you find the key????

  24. ceres says:

    never mind.. found it

  25. Irid says:

    I’m out with 35, didn’t feel like finding the last five :p

  26. YY says:

    out with 39 only. can’t find the last one. =)

  27. mochita says:

    found 40 XD