Me and the Key

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Me and the KeyMe and the KeyGood news for Bart Bonte fans: his latest game, Me and the Key is live!

After Duck: Think Outside the Flock,  Fields of Logic and Seen on Screen, Me and the Key is the fourth collection of mini-games from the author.

Me and the Key features 25 levels of varying difficulty in which you have to find a key (a bit like in Kagi Nochi Tobira series, but with no doors!).

The overall result is an interesting blend of puzzle games  and arcade skills games, but for veteran players, Me and the Key might appear to be too easy to complete.

Have fun!

Me and the Key walkthrough
(thanks fiddle_and_herman!)
Me and the Key video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.36


66 Comments to Me and the Key

  1. matthew says:

    heres some help with some of the common problems.

  2. Joshua says:

    on twentyfive, i got it so that the ball went up and down endlessly without moving left or right.

  3. Otis says:

    level 10 i pull the rope, but i see no key.. i pulled it to the bottom too

  4. FyreNWater says:

    There’s little originality and too much “drag aside penguins” and Breakout in this game. Doesn’t challenge, doesn’t entertain, only frustrates. Go play another game, this one’s a waste of time.

  5. blah blah says:

    could i get help on level 24

  6. kittyj says:

    very useful but there penguins.not aliens. thank you very much! it helped a lot.

  7. ichigo says:

    HELP!!! wat do you do on level 15?

  8. laura says:

    level 8 is very hard

  9. celia says:

    im on level 19 but im on a lap top using the internal mouse. no right click. help

  10. aleena says:

    i hate the arkonoid levels!!!!