Me and the Key

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Me and the KeyMe and the KeyGood news for Bart Bonte fans: his latest game, Me and the Key is live!

After Duck: Think Outside the Flock,  Fields of Logic and Seen on Screen, Me and the Key is the fourth collection of mini-games from the author.

Me and the Key features 25 levels of varying difficulty in which you have to find a key (a bit like in Kagi Nochi Tobira series, but with no doors!).

The overall result is an interesting blend of puzzle games  and arcade skills games, but for veteran players, Me and the Key might appear to be too easy to complete.

Have fun!

Me and the Key walkthrough
(thanks fiddle_and_herman!)
Me and the Key video walkthrough!

By Eric

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66 Comments to Me and the Key

  1. Fire Storm says:

    First :-)

  2. Alucard says:

    Second :p

    And really I need help with level 19… Please HELP!

  3. Fire Storm says:

    I am stuck too in the same place. I have typed Show

    but nothing works… any ideas yet?

  4. dave says:

    im stuck on level 11…any clues plz

  5. fiddle_and_herman says:

    for level 19 Show

  6. dave says:

    the one where “hes” got a think balloon which says “key”

  7. fiddle_and_herman says:

    dave, for level 11

  8. dave says:

    yay….many thanks fiddle_and_herman…
    i was going crazy on that one

  9. Fire Storm says:

    finished! That last round is a tricky one!

  10. fiddle_and_herman says:

    yeah, fire storm i was lucky, i found the sweet spot where the ball just bounced up and down with me not having to do anything!

  11. Lizzy says:

    Can someone please help with Level 14?

  12. fiddle_and_herman says:

    first 12 levels walkthrough (illl do the rest later)

  13. fiddle_and_herman says:

    Edit: Complete walkthrough

    first 12 levels walkthrough

    next 13 levels walkthrough

  14. mcj says:

    thanks for the walkthrough, fiddle_and_herman.
    i already post it to escape games 24 and jayis games.

  15. Patricia says:

    Damn, in lvl 25 I had only 1 hit to go and lost… The damned mouse found the moment to get stuck!

  16. Hassle says:

    thanks for the walkthrough. I started one, but my keyboard was having some kind of fit and erased the lot. (;_;)

  17. Tasselfoot says:

    Made a video walkthrough before this thread even existed and went to bed. Heh.

    Video Walkthrough


  18. Alucard says:

    THANK YOU fiddle_and_herman!! God I’m stupid! It was so obvious! TT.TT

  19. sheldon says:

    I really need help with level 10

  20. Kayla says:

    They look more like penguins than aliens…

  21. Lauren says:

    i thought they were supposed to be penguins lol Show

  22. georgia says:

    level 25- missed the ball with 1 hit left ARRRGGG >:(

  23. Daniel says:

    level 25 is a beach
    but i finally found that sweet spot
    thanks for the tip

  24. Emileey says:

    Fire Storm…

    To Do Number 19 You Have To… Show

    Hope it helps

  25. sweet* says:

    Where’s the sweet spot on 25?!!?

  26. BoomBoxer says:

    apparently level 19 doesnt work for macbook!!! D:

  27. yo homies says:

    i need help on 20

  28. yay me says:

    i really need help on 24

  29. yay me says:

    level 25 is impossible!!!!!!!

  30. me¬¬ says:

    for level 11 type in key

  31. Kayla says:

    i need help. i don’t know what to do on level 14. the one with the tree and every time you move the mouse the tree move. WHAT DO I DO?????

  32. Mike says:

    i need help on lvl 25 o.0

  33. Mike says:

    Everyone for lvl 19 right click then click on the word “Key!”

  34. ashlee says:

    i need big help on level 15 how do you do it need help been trying for 1 hour trying to figure it out someone help me please

  35. Fayee says:

    well on level 14 you just keep on shaking the tree and eventually the key will fall an level 25 is EASY!!!! i thought anyway i did it like 4th time lol it was hard to begin with though!!!! hope my advice on 14 helps you

  36. Fayee says:

    and level 11 you right click on your mouse then click key hehe

  37. flee says:

    helpppppp, so frustrated :(
    im on lv. 19 but if i right click only settings comes up no keys bit
    any ideas???
    thankssss =]

  38. bek says:

    a good game but i am stuck on level 19 anyone know how to get past it.

  39. crackhead12 says:

    i dont see an alien

  40. lauren bush says:

    i am stuk on 22 help me

  41. Schizo(skitzo) says:

    wow da ending touched me i love penguins!

  42. cary says:

    Right click

  43. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    they’re not aliens! Anyone with eyes can see they’re blue penguins! No offense though. Who votes they are blue penguins?

  44. Sia159 says:

    I’m going to say this now. THAT was Hell!

  45. Poison says:

    level 20 Show

  46. Poison says:

    level 21 Show


  47. Confused says:

    what do you do on lvl 19?
    i right clicked but no “key” came up.
    im sad

  48. cyberanu says:

    I need help on level 14

  49. cyberanu says:


  50. talor says:

    on number 10 there in no key!