Garden Escape

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Garden EscapeGarden Escape aka Bahceden Kacis is a Turkish Room Escape game from Ayca Coban. For an unknown reason, you find yourself locked up in a backyard. There is a dog house there, and the dog sleeping inside is hungry! Luckily for you, she prefers bones to fresh meat! Have fun!

Garden Escape walkthrough (thanks neko_diego)

By Eric

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15 Comments to Garden Escape

  1. Lizzy says:

    Anyone playing?

  2. Reign says:

    I am

  3. Reign says:

    so far I got the [spoilier] garden tool and 3 dog biscuits[/spoilier]

    i cant get the key

  4. neko_diego says:

    HI! I also can’t get the key, but I have:

    Any hints?

  5. neko_diego says:

    I got the Show

  6. Fire Storm says:

    I have the same items as you neko. I am stuck now too…..anyone got further yet?

  7. neko_diego says:

    Gave the Show

  8. neko_diego says:

    You can Show

  9. neko_diego says:

    And when you turn on the Show

  10. neko_diego says:

    Jej! OUT!

  11. Grootmoeder says:

    i have Show

  12. Mila says:

    Easy game. Out in three minutes. yeah

  13. neko_diego says:


  14. Gwidlett says:

    I’m out! Easy. Anyone got questions?

  15. Jade Wolf says:

    Very Cute game