Beat Bubbles

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Beat BubblesBeat BubblesBeat Bubbles is a small and simple musical game, in which you have to press the arrow keys and the space bar as quickly as possible and in sequence to match the symbols displayed in the game window.

When you reach the gauge at the end of a level, simply tap the right key repeatedly to fill it and advance to the next level.

A few dancing notes of music follow your progression and show where you are in the sequence; any mistake will remove one of them. To spice up the game, the authors added a timer for each level: run out of time or loose all your musical notes and the game is over!

A couple of power-ups in the space bar symbols will give you extra time or an extra musical note.

Short and simple, Beat Bubbles is a nice way to waste five minutes of your time: Have fun!


KeywayBeat Bubbles also inspired Keyway, the latest game developed by Tonypa. The author confessed “to be a great fan of Japanese games portal HanGame” where Beat Bubbles first appeared under the name Music Brothers. Tonypa “did it first for an Estonian children website and only after redesigning it“, add it to his collection of games on his own site.

Give it a try and compare the two games!

By Eric

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