Nevermore 3

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Nevermore 3Nevermore 3Nevermore 3 is the third installment in the Nevermore series from Adam Westerman.

Your are Olek, our little intrepid hero, and you are on a treasure hunt to get funds for your poor town.

Use the arrow keys to move and press space bar to jump. Hold spacebar to jump higher.

I’m a great fan of the Nevermore series, and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed with Nevermore 3!

Everything is amazingly well done here, from the artwork to the peaceful atmosphere and the unique and wonderful design!  This one is a a true gem and by far the best in the series!

A must play!

Have fun!

Nevermore 3 walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

Nevermore 3 video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


68 Comments to Nevermore 3

  1. Fanny says:

    Cute little game with an interesting story-line

  2. jeep says:

    Looks awesome, but I have no idea how to play. And why on earth not use the up key to jump? That’s just annoying to have to use space.

  3. jeep says:

    Gut stuck at the telescope. Can jump up and down, but that’s it. ANNOYING

  4. jeep says:

    Ok, done now. beautiful game :) Too dark in the underground though.

  5. Lauren says:

    Got Show

    but can’t seem to get past the second screen of the field. Any help? Tried jumping over water onto ledge but either my jump is to short or you just can’t get up there.

  6. rdf says:

    begin to jump in the short stone, and in the big!
    you can jump now

  7. anne says:

    First, find hat in cave.
    Jump up te smalest stone on te left, than to de next, the biggest, and finalely to the other side of te river

  8. Adam says:

    Lauren – Perhaps a bit of extra height will help you across

  9. Lauren says:

    Thanks rdf, anne, and Adam! Didn’t realize I could do that since I walked behind the last 2 stones.

  10. nick says:

    i am stuck at the part where you need to jump over the tree i guess… i cant go past it… the screen with the logs and everything

  11. ashley says:

    can someone post a walkthrough..plz need help wirte now i have on a helmet and its green

  12. Jade Wolf says:

    That was a very nicely done series. Great job, Adam.

  13. Kurt Rahn says:

    I can’t get past the big bird on the column. I got the glasses for the old man and looked thru the telescope twice, but I’m stuck. Anyone have any hints?

  14. Julie says:

    how do i get past the two see saw place with the rock on one?

  15. Katt says:

    I’m stuck at the part where Show

    any help?

  16. meowwoof says:

    It’s kind of tough to do a walkthrough. Just wherever you get stuck on a screen and can’t advance, you can try going back a bit, and jumping onto things that make it easier to pass an obstacle by jumping over it.

  17. Shavya says:

    m stuck in d place where he gets 2 knw dat he hz 2 get d guyz glasses….bt after dat m just nt able 2 pass dat tower….n m able 2 climb his cupboard bt m nt able 2 go ny further….

  18. White Wolf says:

    Whew! This is a frustrating game. I can’t wait for the next one. :o)
    meowwoof is right. A walkthrough is tough. There is allot of backtracking. No real need to use spoilers. Its all mostly trial and error, with allot of error. LOL

    Some things you must get.


    On the way back, Show

    You have to jump to the orbs in order.

    Once through the big door it’s mostly just dialog to the end.
    Not much of a walkthrough but some hints to help.
    If I get bored someday, maybe I’ll do a video walkthrough. I just don’t have that much time.
    Good luck!

  19. Sean4 says:

    that was awesom..I had alot of fun with that one..keep em coming!!

  20. will says:

    i loved that game, it is really relaxing ^^ perfect for being stoned

  21. some one you don't know says:

    kay someone make a real walk through please! and then i’ll tell your fortune!

  22. some one you don't know says:

    its so hard! i can’t get past where the laddders are! how do i get them to lower down? any help here?

  23. Grondel says:


  24. Wei says:

    lol gotta make this game a bit more challenging. but nonetheless great story and graphics

  25. Suika says:

    i swear, i can NOT get past the two elevator platforms scene with the little mask guy on the left. >.<

  26. piedro says:

    So a list of the hats that i’ve found.


    anyone else find others?

  27. White Wolf says:

    OK. A Walkthrough.

    First The Fields












    The Upper lands


    To the tool shed


    Tool shed


    The Bridge.




    The big door.


    Hope that gets you through this game.

  28. Katt says:


    Sorry, I probably should have been more specific. I got through that part, but from there I had no idea where to go.

  29. stuck says:

    im stuck on part with big brick wall

  30. piedro says:

    So white wolf… didn’t get all the hats?

  31. lunacy says:

    Hats I found for now apparent reason:

    The first one in the game, not the order I found them were –


    2nd one was –


    3rd one was –


    and of course there was the –


    Places I found for no apparent reason:

    -a cave with an axe and a placard, now I can’t remember where it was. Right of the first cave.

    -stairway going down below Moss Town that I followed for a bit but gave up and went back on the original path.

    I’ll let you know what else I find when I run through it again and explore.

  32. lunacy says:

    So I hit “play again”. I got all the way through until the final mine area and none of the characters spoke with me and all of the things I affected the first time through were as I left them. Which means….


    Unless there’s something I’m not seeing at this point.

  33. Katt says:

    what an awesome game!

  34. David says:

    Class game

  35. Behindthedoor says:

    one more hat Show

  36. Behindthedoor says:

    Many thanks to White Wolf, couldn’t have made it half way without your walkthrough. At the end i couldn’t find any orbs, but i took your advise and moved to another scene and back and it worked!


  37. Behindthedoor says:

    Hey, Katt, did u find out how to do it?

  38. Matt W says:

    I couldn’t find the first hat that lunacy describes, but here’s how to get the



    Absolutely lovely game and thanks for the help — like Lauren I didn’t realize you can jump on the rocks.

  39. mads says:

    ty wery mutch for the help! didnt get the door thing:D

  40. pfft says:


    i found a new hat/look!!!


  41. pfft says:

    and!!! once you get the blue thingy, you will be able 2 see wierd floating blue things, liek you see spirits!!!

  42. piedro says:

    yes pfft. you’re awesome!

  43. SkarmoryThePG says:

    Could somebody be a dear and, after doing that gem thing, go to the water before Moss Town? I’m curious.

  44. Paradox says:

    Nice game. Ghost looked weird though.

  45. Dante says:

    Suika sez:
    “i swear, i can NOT get past the two elevator platforms scene with the little mask guy on the left.”

    — You can’t jump from his outstretched hand platform, there is another, angled platform on the mask guy’s head… jump from that platform. (It took me like 50 tries until I jumped on it accidentally).

  46. A4C says:

    Lunacy, I didn’t see any of those hats except the miners hat because I wasn’t looking for them, but I did spot one you haven’t mentioned.


  47. Katt says:

    yes, i did, Behindthedoor! White Wolf’s walkthrough helped me out a LOT for those last few parts of the game.

  48. Cheezorama says:

    Omigosh pfft! you are a genius! Show

    And by the way, SkarmoryThePG, sorry to disappoint, but I checked it out and nothing happened.
    Anyway, I love Nevermore 3! It’s the smoothest among the three and has the best graphics <3

  49. confused man says:

    so i got the miners hat.. and i went into the dark cave.. but regardless of what i do it just says o gosh its dark in here.. wish i had a light..

    what do i do now??? o.o..
    am i missing something??

  50. Squizzy says:

    Really good