Six Rooms

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Six RoomsSix Rooms is the latest Room Escape game created by Dina Gjertsen, the author of Escape from the Oval Office, Escape from the Basement, Cemet’ry Gates, Escape from the Gallery and Dream Escape. Six rooms for the price of one? That’s a bargain! Have fun!

By Eric

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55 Comments to Six Rooms

  1. Fire Storm says:

    First? Wow….let’s see

  2. Fire Storm says:

    Totally stuck….clicked everywhere and can’t find squat!!

  3. Fire Storm says:

    Anyone else tying to play this game?

  4. Fire Storm says:

    The Periodic table has Show

  5. Fire Storm says:

    Got it Show

  6. Fire Storm says:


  7. Fire Storm says:


  8. Fire Storm says:


  9. Fire Storm says:

    In the next room Show

  10. Fire Storm says:

    Code to open second room Show

  11. Fire Storm says:

    Next room Show

  12. Fire Storm says:

    Next Room Show

  13. Fire Storm says:

    Totally stuck on next room……

  14. ff04ooe says:

    Painted numbers on wall are the code for the table next door.
    Last number 3?

  15. Fire Storm says:

    What do we do with the Show

  16. ff04ooe says:

    Picture: Show

  17. Fire Storm says:

    I can’t figure out the code on th wall….how did you do it?

  18. ff04ooe says:


  19. Fire Storm says:

    I already figured that, but thanks. I got Show

    I need the numbers on the table on the wall near the door….how did you solve it?

  20. ff04ooe says:

    Number: Show

  21. Fire Storm says:

    Are you still in the Einstein room?

  22. ff04ooe says:


  23. Fire Storm says:

    Is the table something to do with square roots?

  24. ponz says:

    Numbers in Einstein room

  25. ff04ooe says:

    I dont think so, but Show

  26. Fire Storm says:

    Yeah I have tried all those too. I have even looked up eulersche numbers on a web search but so far, nothing.

  27. Fire Storm says:

    This is what I think it should be Show

    have you figured it out yet?

  28. ff04ooe says:

    not really

  29. Fire Storm says:

    I am sure my solution is right though. I even tried inverting them so that the other two numbers where highlighted instead but that didn’t work either. Maybe there’s a bug in the game?

  30. neko_diego says:

    Hi Firestorm, your solution is correct! At least, it worked for me! Show

  31. Fire Storm says:

    @Neko Hi there, I have taken the Show

    Is that what you did?

  32. Fire Storm says:

    @ neko Ooops…I meantShow

  33. neko_diego says:

    I wouldn’t have escaped without your solution, BTW THANKS!

  34. neko_diego says:

    Maybe restart the game if it doesn’t work?

  35. Fire Storm says:

    @neko You are welcome! It still won’t work for me though. The light is still red above the door! I am getting ticked off hehe

  36. Fire Storm says:

    @neko, I will try yout suggestion and reload.

  37. neko_diego says:

    Too bad, because the next room is so easy… and you’re out!

  38. Fire Storm says:

    It worked! Thanks neko! Onto next room now….

  39. Fire Storm says:

    Got any clues about this one neko?

  40. ff04ooe says:

    ow far are you fire storm?
    I stuck with the code by the fish ( Zodiac ).

  41. ff04ooe says:

    Sorry, i meen how far you.

  42. Fire Storm says:

    That’s where I am stuck. Neko said it was easy but I am having trouble. I have put the initials of the room colours in the boxes but the colours I have are Show

    not sure if that’s right though

  43. Fire Storm says:

    Neko, if you are still here can you give the clue for the last room?

  44. Caro says:

    I’m not Neko, but think of the constellation in the ceiling in the first room and the symbol that is not in line.

  45. Caro says:

    Last Room

  46. Fire Storm says:

    Last room Show

  47. Fire Storm says:

    Sorry Caro I didn’t see your last message….you are right

  48. Fire Storm says:

    Clever little logic game. Nice

  49. lou says:

    hi i am really stuck with the colours for the tv please help

  50. MiMi says:

    I’m stuck on the colors too. I’ve tried everyone’s combination, but it doesn’t work for me.