Il Destino R

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Il Destino RIl Destino RIl Destino R was released at the beginning of this week by IDAC, the Japanese creators of Il Destino and The Bar, two famous Room Escape games available on gotgame website.Il Destino R is a brand new remake of Il Destino, sharing exactly the same scenario.

Several years ago, your father, a famous and popular cars designer, has built a car and sold it to one of his Italian friends. The car was based on one of your childhood drawings.

Coming back from Italy, you father gave you the key of his used cars showroom, where “the car” is back, just waiting for you. The game begins in the showroom, and you will have to figure out how to use the different items you’ll find there, in order to get out.

Il Destino R takes place in the same show room used for Il Destino: story and visuals are identical in both games, but objects have moved around, and puzzles are quite different and probably trickier, not to mention the new color of the car. Just use your mouse to point and click on items: sometimes, they need to be used together, you’ll have to try different combinations.

With a very high level of visuals and graphics, Il Destino R and Il Destono are two short but excellent Room Escape games.

Play Il Destino R or play Il Destino.

By Eric

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  1. Tabitha says:

    Excuse my last post. You have to kindof focus out of the Characters and you will see a 3 letter word formed between them. But you have to make sure of it. Look at the word in it;s entirety. For instance. I had the word FLU. At first, the F looked like an E and the L looked like and I and the U looked like another I. You have to look at the whole word at the same time and it will appear. You can’t look at each letter individually, or the letters won’t look like they are. I got through the game!! Awesome Game!!!!

  2. Vanna says:

    Will someone tell me what the cell phone code is?

  3. maddie says:

    to open safe Show

  4. Merrill says:

    The memory card will not go in the card reader.

  5. Merrill says:

    Also, what is the GOO*** magazine that people are talking about

  6. Caroline. says:

    what memory card case?

  7. Randy Smith says:

    what is Goo-Net.. I dont see that… I see a gotmail url but not Goo-Net

  8. Joe Ralph says:

    has anyone had “goopa***”
    if any1 has write back please

  9. stiwi says:

    i got pops*** and I found the word popsNOW, so NOW is the password!!

  10. susan says:

    to figure out the code for the wall safe just click on the goo book and open the web page. then on the bottom of the website (under the purple bar) you will find several links. jus move your mouse cursor on these links and look in the status bar at the bottom of the web page. my code was goopa*** and the code therefore was goopaRTS. simple :o)

  11. Raul says:

    it’s a lotus!

  12. ME says:


  13. troy says:

    FLASHLIGHT—- in order to use the flashlight u dont need anything. once u have the flashlight heres what u do. Show

    i hope this helps, it drove me nuts for 15 minutes trying to figure it out. i hate when the item your using doesnt appear as the cursor. it just helps alot. good luck and back to the game

  14. troy says:

    the 3 letter word that the symbols spell looks like…..


    IMAGINE that the blue outline parts are all colored in and the blank areas between the parts is what spells the letters. like a negative of a photograph.

  15. kaylah says:

    i need the password to the compputer and now i saidd no if you have it then tell me now i am mad and i am mean you now i need it now if you dont i will hurt you like a nail

  16. bob says:

    it wont let me type in the password on the safe how do i do it

  17. laura says:

    I can’t work out the word that you see on the floor in Il Destino R???

  18. pauly says:

    the code for the safe is 8344

  19. pauly says:

    can someone tell me what the 3 letters r please because i will never stop playing till i get the 3 letters

  20. BILLYBOB says:

    i played this game for 8 hours using the walkthrough and I still didnt win the game. erics walkthrough SUCKS.

  21. JENNIFER says:



  22. lady says:

    I play Destino R and i need the password for the computer.
    The sign upstairs tell me anything!

  23. GHGHG says:

    I CANT FIND DA SHELF UNIT HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. Lesterly says:

    for anyone doing ildestino(red car) i got veeSCH***in my Goo magazine… the *** is Show

    . but i didnt find that on the website link anywhere, i actually went to and justput in veesch and sum japanese stuff came up with the answer… so if ur stuck, u could try that

  25. typo says:

    Zuno- Cell phone game for the wall safe

  26. typo says:

    RE: the 3 letter code:

    RE: The magazine code for the wall safe

  27. marlous says:

    The last 3 letters of the website??? I get

    I don’t understand!! Do I type me1? com? net? Nothing works!

  28. Carol says:

    The code for the Goopa***.com is Show

  29. Jaina says:

    The stupid memory card thing won’t go
    in the card reader!!


  30. JEG says:

    Someone please tell me the safe code for the cod “TeeS***” thnx

  31. rhen says:

    code for “TeeS***” is Show

  32. AN ANGRY CITEZEN says:

    How Do I GET THE CODE Show

  33. vanilla says:

    i don’t get the letters for the safe….any help,please?

  34. Steph says:

    about the code in the wall

  35. also needed descriptive walkthrough says:

    For destino with yellow car…. you put in the code (the numbers that the yellow car was behind). now listen up, press OK, then use the key. and to find password with flashlight, go upstairs and turn off light, go left Once and shine light on floor.

  36. Lacaris says:

    thank you so much Sara

  37. Ash says:

    The code for the safe is ike thats all just ike because on the magazine it says Goo-B*** basically its Goo-Bike but just put ike into the password on the safe then put the key in and thats all!

  38. Duckie says:

    Fun game…code on the wall was the most confusing part.


    Good luck!

  39. Duckie says:

    PS. I meant code on the safe.

  40. Tam says:

    does any 1 have TeeS*** coz the site is goo-net and i tried TeeSnet and it ses DENIED

  41. KUPAL says:

    “TYPO” is right the 3 password for the key is “NET”!

  42. Brennan says:

    Okay, I have done the ZUNO game twice now, got the same number, typed it in about 5 times into the wall safe, and each time I am still denied. I go to insert the key after typing in the code: denied. I insert it before typing the code: denied. Those numbers really don’t solve that riddle, do they?

  43. fool says:

    I had GooWO***.jp

    I looked and I’ve found GooWORLD but it doesn’t work and I don’t know why…

  44. im stuck says:

    i cant open the garage door. i have entered all of the coloured things and the memory card. its says bingo on it but how do i open it???

  45. mzhoodchick says:

    what is the safe code i had .jp it didnt work

  46. SUPERSTAR$ says:

    Eric you rock!!!!!!! Thanks for the walkthrough!

  47. adam9807 says:

    the 3 letters for laptop key generator are in between the symbols its like an optical illusion the letters are between the shapes, The shapes make the outline of the letter except the tops and bottom.

  48. Sandra says:


  49. mohammad says:

    i finished the game in 5 minutes without using your walkthrought

  50. patti says:

    i have used EVERY SINGLE 3 letter word listed here and NONE of them work!! i’m doing this game in english and the website in the book is gotmail and there are no **** anywhere and i can’t see any word in the symbols on the floor! please would someone tell me the 3 letter word? and don’t tell me how to get it, just tell me what it is!!!!!! thank you!