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SyokoyukiShokoyuki is the latest Room Escape game created by the author of the Three Cats series and the Concert series. It seems that today’s story is about Snow White, and obviously, you will have to find a way to escape from the seven dwarfs’ house. Have fun!

Shokoyuki walkthrough (thanks jojo!)

By Eric

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68 Comments to Shokoyuki

  1. meg says:

    anyone here?

  2. lou says:

    hi my game wont load

  3. Eli says:

    Im here…. but Im stuck!! I have got Show

    Sorry about my bad engslih!!

  4. kosmogol says:


  5. meg says:

    I’m out. Didn’t know anyone was here. Didn’t refresh

  6. meg says:

    I was going to restart the game, but it won’t let me access the game.

  7. Eli says:

    I have done that!! I think that I have to Show

    anybody know where it is?

  8. meg says:

    found a key, but I forgot where. Show

    sorry I can’t help you anymore than that

  9. meg says:


  10. meg says:

    @ eli, good luck. cute game…going on to another game

  11. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    @Eli: I found no. 5


    if memory serves.

    I take it that you’ve found no. 1. I haven’t!

  12. Eli says:

    @ And introducing… A leg: Show

  13. kendall says:

    YESSS!!!!!!! finally they Show

  14. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Thanks, Eli: Out!

    But not end of story….

  15. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Has everyone else suddenly gone away?

  16. Alexa Karuda says:

    Anybody else getting a 404 for this link?

  17. Capuccino says:

    Hi everybody!! The link is no good anymore… It sends us to an error page : document not found… is there an altrnative link available??

  18. mammy says:

    i cant play…
    only get the walkthrough..

  19. ellie says:

    Also getting a 404 error page.

  20. Lorena says:

    this thing doesn’t work

  21. BLM says:

    any alternative link?

  22. Crool says:

    Tried another link (googled) , and it says there is a virus ?!

  23. stupidcheeseboy says:

    :( 404

  24. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    I hope they get the game runing again: I thought it was a really good one. Fortunately, mine stayed running until I finished it. Only then did it crash.

  25. Anonymouse says:

    Just went to the page this is what it said:
    “I set up this page for the tests of my game.
    However, the URL has been announced by mistake.
    It was a still unfinished game, so I deleted it.
    I will let you know it with the following addresses after game completion, please wait till then.”

  26. kendall says:

    yeah! same thing!

  27. sue says:

    it’s working…

  28. sue says:

    many items, but no cats

  29. Blacksmoke says:

    After you are out, the game is not over, you have to find Show

  30. stupefyin says:

    Can’t get the cats to get the orange gem out of the tree!

  31. stupefyin says:

    Well, don’t know how I managed it but went back and tried it one more time and it worked. The power of posting indeed!

  32. sue says:

    are we on the same game, lockers and boats? Maybe I just haven’t seen the cats ‘yet’?

  33. sue says:

    anyone know what the person in the window says?

  34. stupefyin says:

    There weren’t any boats or lockers. Multiple doors of different colors, though. The cats are outside.

  35. sue says:

    by boat i mean what the red book instructed. lost right now.

  36. stupefyin says:

    Oh, that’s to make fire. Have you found all the pieces?

  37. sue says:

    made it, it smoked, can’t remember what I got from it, but it’s gone. it would not start my fire.

  38. sue says:

    maybe the (what looks like) bag of red seeds?

  39. stupefyin says:

    Just a guess here, but I think that you mean you have have ignited the cotton. You put that in the fireplace but you have to get the key mold set up and in the fireplace first.

  40. sue says:

    and what do I do w/the black key box filled w/lint?

  41. sue says:

    oh, ok, outside now. TY

  42. stupefyin says:

    No problem. Sorry if I’m answering slowly, trying to play another game as well as give you hints.

  43. mammy says:

    easy game..
    out without help…

  44. Kelli says:

    I’m stuck…I can’t get the bucket in the well to work.

  45. Fire Storm says:

    That’s where I am stuck too….anyone got an idea? I can see the gems Show

    but can’t do anything

  46. Lop says:

    Has anyone found Show

    Also Show

    help :(

  47. lou says:

    hi finally got outside

  48. lou says:

    also red gem on front of house but carnt get any of them

  49. Anonymouse says:

    missing a piece of the clay… any help?

  50. Anonymouse says:

    nm- pop Show