Escape Razzmatazz Room

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Escape Razzmatazz RoomEscape Razzmatazz RoomEscape Razzmatazz Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

“Rupert has been locked in a jazz club, and asked to set the stage for the evening’s performance.

Help him to get everything prepared in time!”

Knowing the author, I can tell you it won’t be an easy task!

Have fun!

Escape Razzmatazz Room walkthrough in comment #91 (thanks July!)

Escape Razzmatazz Video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

By Eric

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119 Comments to Escape Razzmatazz Room

  1. Em says:


  2. lio says:

    congratulations, em !!!

  3. Eva says:

    I’m extremely confused about a lot of these details. Can someone post a good walk-through?

  4. lou says:

    i carnt put any more stuff on stage all i have is cymbols, piano and stool

  5. Irid says:

    So… a walkthrough, perhaps, Em? I’m still stuck trying to put instruments on stage (namely, the drums)…

  6. marije says:

    can someone please put a walktrough please
    i’m stuck and i can’t get out anymore

  7. Em says:

    When you put all the instruments om stage, put them so that no markings is shown on the floor. You know when you have done it right, the stool by the drums starts to sparkle.

  8. Em says:

    The guitar Show

  9. Juli says:

    Doesn’t help much, but I haven’t seen it posted here yet:
    The guitar Show

    The saxophone Show

  10. Juli says:

    Again, it doesn’t do much good, but you can use the Show

  11. Juli says:

    More progress…

    Use the Show

  12. Juli says:

    Bit by bit…

  13. Alis says:

    Help!I can’t combine bass drum with other two red drums!

    Where do I have to click???This game is driving me mad!

  14. Juli says:

    More bits and pieces.

    The largest red drum Show

    The other two red drums Show

  15. lio says:

    wher to hell are the bass drums feet??
    (i do already have themaracas and theclipping shears)

  16. Fanny says:

    Obviously Im missing one tripod? Cos I got a cymbal left over – how about the one with the coathanger on it?

  17. Reka says:

    Didn’t like this one. It has an awful lot of pixel hunting combined with utterly illogical steps: i.e. not only do you have to try insane actions, you have to hit the exact right pixel before that insane action will work. Really not my cup of tea.

  18. Reka says:

    Fanny, Show

  19. Fanny says:

    Thanks Reka, du you help me :)

  20. Reka says:

    Lio, Show

  21. Fanny says:

    Could someone post a picture of what the stage is supposed to look like? That would be great

  22. Fanny says:

    And I was wonderng – doesnt the guy on the piano need something to sit on?

  23. lio says:

    thanx reka, u saved my day…

  24. Fanny says:

    ups… i touched the stradivari – and now the key broke – destiny?

  25. Reka says:

    After you have the safe open, Show

    So don’t restart the game – the way out is elsewhere.

  26. lio says:

    reka, where do i find the piano stool?

  27. Fanny says:

    you don’t, lio: it’s the Show

  28. Fanny says:

    Reka, could you help about the exit, then? Just a slight hint :)

  29. Reka says:

    My sister is writing a walkthrough, so have patience. :)

  30. Fire Storm says:

    Where does the electric guitar and the maracas go?

  31. Fanny says:

    Fire Storm, the maracas don’t go on the stage. the guitar has to be placed Show

  32. Fire Storm says:


    I have clicked all over that left mic stand but the guitar won’t sit there. Is there something I am missing?

  33. Fanny says:

    Maybe you forgot Show

  34. Fire Storm says:


    I did remember those. I used the Show

    . Do I need a strap or something else?

  35. Fanny says:

    No, you just need to put them on the guitar. did u put the mic stand up yet? cause its laying on the ground in the beginning..

  36. Fire Storm says:

    Yeah, I have everything on the stage now, except the for guitar. I am clicking madly all over the stand but the guitar just won’t settle!! It’s driving me batty!! lol

  37. DNOMN8R says:

    Ha! Out! Finally!

  38. Katie says:

    I can’t seem to move the directors chair or anything. Can someone help me?

  39. Fanny says:

    You need to fix anything else on the stage first. When nothing can be moved anymore, you can flip over the director’s chair…

  40. Fire Storm says:

    Wow, that was some wild pixel hunting but I finally got it!!

  41. Juli says:

    Here’s a walkthrough. I only used one set of spoiler tags, ’cause I’m lazy.

  42. Katie says:

    Grrr that was frustrating. I had everything in the right place I just had to adjust the height of the stool.

  43. Tasselfoot says:

    Video Walkthrough

    Read through the text one and found it to be a bit confusing at parts… video might help some people more than the text one.


  44. daisy says:

    not one of his better games. Even though he is my fave escape the room game developer.

  45. click the hanger as fast as possible and for the seat the highest slant part will be facing the table

  46. a=6 b=7 c=1 d= 2 e=3 f=4 g=5 hope that helps and theres no point to the dogs in the game

  47. geez says:

    Whew something stinks here. But it is not me.

  48. taurus59 says:

    DUMB game; no logic, just dumb luck.

  49. Maria says:

    That was an… odd game. He usually make great games, though this wasn’t one of my favorites