Escape Razzmatazz Room

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Escape Razzmatazz RoomEscape Razzmatazz RoomEscape Razzmatazz Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

“Rupert has been locked in a jazz club, and asked to set the stage for the evening’s performance.

Help him to get everything prepared in time!”

Knowing the author, I can tell you it won’t be an easy task!

Have fun!

Escape Razzmatazz Room walkthrough in comment #91 (thanks July!)

Escape Razzmatazz Video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

By Eric

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119 Comments to Escape Razzmatazz Room

  1. Em says:

    First to try!

  2. Urbek says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to put things on stage

  3. Em says:

    Me too..hard game

  4. Urbek says:

    It looks like that there are some marks on the stage to put things on, but naothing happens. Also can’t combine anything with tripods.

  5. jackivee says:

    Can anyone figure out how to set the stage?

  6. jackivee says:

    There’s a dog in the audience??

  7. jackivee says:

    How do we hide text here?

  8. Urbek says:

    Put electric piano


  9. Urbek says:


    before text write spoiler in square brackets “[]”, after text /spoiler in “[]”

  10. Em says:

    Have Show

  11. Urbek says:

    Zoom on picture:


  12. jackivee says:


  13. Em says:

    also put Show

    Has anyone put all the small drums and the cymbals on some of the stands??

  14. jackivee says:

    How aqre you getting stuff on stage…still can’t work the spoiler tags

  15. Urbek says:

    (spoiler)you text(/spoiler)

    instead of () use []

  16. Em says:

    Put the saxofon for example on one of the markings on the stage..

  17. jackivee says:

    (spoiler)Not working. (/spoiler)

  18. jackivee says:

    Arrrgh…I got the piano, do the others have to be in one of the stands?

  19. Em says:

    jackieve use [ ] Not ( )

  20. Em says:

    haven´t managed to get anything on the stand.. the big bas drum neeeds to have feet and footpedal before putting it on stage..

  21. jackivee says:


  22. Urbek says:


    Cymbals go on the stands, having trouble with drums

  23. jackivee says:

    Combined Show

  24. jackivee says:

    Hi-hat cymbals Show

  25. Urbek says:

    Oh, 2 red drums:


  26. Urbek says:

    Feet for bass:



  27. Em says:

    and a footpedal on the hi-hiatstand..

  28. lou says:

    i put stool at back near yellow line about half way but stuck now

  29. jackivee says:

    Use nippers Show

  30. Em says:

    haven´t placed tomtom drum and snare drum…

  31. jackivee says:


  32. Em says:

    now i have all the drums and hi-hats..but you can move them around on the stage..doenst seems like the got the chair is…?

  33. Urbek says:

    Didn’t even realize that guitar had no strings :)

  34. Em says:

    Does anyone been managed to get the chest down…i have mine halfway now…

  35. Urbek says:

    The chest goes down if instrument is put on the right place, so obviously something is missing

  36. Em says:

    have tried to move around the drums…have anyone managed to get them in the right positions yet?

  37. Urbek says:

    Hint from another page about drums:


  38. jackivee says:

    How are you getting the drums on the stage??

  39. Nerenia says:

    I cant combine the bass drum with foot pedal. Any help?

  40. Urbek says:





  41. jackivee says:

    It took me a while, I think you have to click bottom center of drum

  42. jackivee says:

    oh, and make sure you are using the right foot pedal, there are two. One goes on the cymbals.

  43. Urbek says:

    Code for safe is in trash: GFDAGD, which in nubers is:


  44. emi says:

    found a key

  45. Urbek says:

    If you have different code, then:


  46. Nerenia says:

    Thnx jackivee. I was trying with the wrong pedal. I put the cimbals on stage and now how can I place the drums?

  47. Em says:

    how to get behind mirror?

  48. lio says:

    Urbek, please help!
    Can#t put the drums togehter..

  49. Em says:

    Oh, now I get to it!

  50. Kerstin says:

    Hi guys! I’m also stuck on the drums – how do I get them together. And what’s with the dog in the picture sniffing under the girl’s skirt?