Bloons Junior

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Bloons JuniorIf you found the previous installments of Bloons too difficult, you will surely enjoy Bloons Junior, which was designed for the “young or young of heart!” 50 brand new easy levels are waiting for you and you won’t even need to use the unlimited darts mode in this one. The option is still available though, just in case :-) Have fun!

By Eric

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9 Comments to Bloons Junior

  1. tihana says:

    oh i hate those boomerangs-so tricky….
    love the game

  2. tihana says:

    btw-whats up with lvl 50?boomerangs….

  3. LittleKatie2 says:

    I like this bloons…i can never get the harder bloons games and im a teenager…except for this level 50 on here…can’t quite get it yet lol

  4. Lilpill17 says:

    I stuck on level 50 and I have all the blonns but the boomerang keeps getting stuck! HELP!

  5. phoenix says:

    i cant even do level 7

  6. phoenix says:

    to do level 7 do nothing!

  7. XXEVIEXX says:

    Hoe on earth do u do no.44

  8. XXEVIEXX says: