Poco2 Escape 4

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Poco2 Escape 4Poco2 Escape 4Poco2 Escape 4 is the fourth installment in the Poco2 Escape series created by ZakkuWorks. And as usual, the author released his new Room Escape game in both Japanese and English!

Your goal in Poco 2 Escape 4 is to find a way to leave the room, and it won’t an easy task…

This fourth episode seems as good as the previous ones but I didn’t have much time today to play it!

Have fun!

Poco2 Escape 4 walkthrough in comment #26 (thanks Daisy!)

By Eric

current rating 4.15


49 Comments to Poco2 Escape 4

  1. Fell-Ice says:

    To open face, Show

  2. Urbek says:

    I’m pretty stucked, used only:

  3. Urbek says:

    Statue is to:


  4. Urbek says:



  5. Urbek says:

    About the little alien or something:


  6. Fell-Ice says:


    Can someone just tell me?

  7. Urbek says:



    There is a memo:


  8. Crool says:

    Out, what a cute game!

    Piano hintShow

    for the box in the window, hint Show

    Box in the window answerShow

  9. Crool says:

    piano answer: Show

    for hint see the comment before

  10. Crool says:

    Have to go now, sorry, a friend is waiting ;) good luck all.

  11. Urbek says:

    for curtains on top of table:


  12. Fell-Ice says:

    Uber Cute.

  13. Urbek says:

    Don’t forget to look after alien!!!

  14. Urbek says:

    Officialy: alien is goblin.

  15. DEE says:

    Where is the last green key….I clicked on the center of the hands of the clock and it opened but no key????

  16. DEE says:

    Nevermind … out.

  17. Em says:

    Have only 1 key (red)

  18. K says:

    How do I open last chest?

  19. soan says:

    Where is the key for the small treasure box ?

  20. Em says:

    K- have no idea..I´m stuck…got 1 key from the piano..

  21. Em says:

    Anyone who can help…

  22. monte says:

    you need to keep fining the goblin and eventually he will end up in the cake with the key for the last treasure chest

  23. Em says:

    Ok. I found him by the flowervase and in the clock… Looked averywhere, can´t find him onmore places..?

  24. val says:

    friends its so funny you just need to fall after the goblin
    find the goblin in the room

  25. Amy says:

    the game cant load!just blank!anyone the same problem?

  26. daisy says:

    That game was SO freakin cute! And even better, it was relatively logical!!

    Here is a full walkthrough. I hope all the spoilers work. I don’t like that you can’t preview comments anymore.

    As a hint, the puzzles need to be solved in a particular order The first is:

    The solution from Fell-Ice


    Now you have access to the hint for

    the box on the window sill

    Box in the window answer

    For the one above the curtain




    solution Show






    At this point you should have 2 keys, red and blue. Time to chase the goblin, click him whenever you see him :)










    First Show







  27. daisy says:

    heh, I guess you also can’t layer spoilers anymore either :/

  28. Fanny says:

    I need help with the window-box, please – i cant open it, even with the code given by you people

  29. Eric says:

    @daisy – I will reinstall the preview option asap…

  30. Countess_Deecula says:

    ok done the coin on the pink thing but i can’t see the statue… help

  31. DaRkMaN says:

    out !

  32. laughingpoodle says:

    VERY cute!

  33. Coxy says:

    Can someone please help with the box on the window. It dosn’t work with the code you have given.

  34. Coxy says:

    Scrap that, my window box answer is Show

  35. lml119 says:

    ok i think the code for the box by the window is like diffrerent in each game or something cuz i’ve put it in like 4 times and it doesnt do anything! LOL

  36. Reign says:

    i am totally lost about the one on the sill..

  37. daisy says:

    Sorry guy’s, there’s a typo in my walkthrough! The windowsill answer is actually Show

    Eric, can you edit my walkthrough and change it? And thanks about the preview option. It’s especially nice to make sure spoilers work!

  38. goldie says:

    The code for the piano do nothing. help?

  39. goldie says:

    ok is done!!!

  40. daisy says:

    I just finished going back and playing the previous ones, IMO this is as good as the others. The artwork is obviously much more sophisticated and the puzzles are nothing like the puzzles in the first three. As much as I loved the game on its own, it doesn’t really seem to fit the series.

  41. Raika says:

    Out! Actually it wasn’t that hard at all. I had a little trouble figuring out how to find the Show

    when I got it but I finally got it without help. All in all it was a fun game :)

  42. goldie says:

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, i am out!
    Very nice game, thnxx all.

  43. Kim says:

    Thanks everyone, very cute game!

  44. jim says:

    cant find green key. heeeelp :)

  45. Irishgirl22 says:

    I can’t figure out how to open the box on the window!!!!! Help please!!! The code Daisy gave didn’t work or it did and I can’t open it. Help please!!!!

  46. Irishgirl22 says:

    i got it! And the code for the box is wrong

  47. natalie says:

    HELP! i cant figure out the apples.. ive clicked so many times on them.. what are they supposed to do?

  48. NFresh says:

    what do i do after i get the chicken