Hotel Escape 2

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Hotel Escape 2Hotel Escape 2Hotel Escape 2 is the second installment in the Hotel Escape trilogy created by Merlin Perez Gore.

After you’ve escaped from your hotel room, you find yourself trapped in the reception. Once again, you will need all your escape skills to get out of here.

New features are now implemented in this second episode, like cut scenes and a peaceful music playing in the background.

Hotel Escape 2 also includes a high score table: can you beat Merlin’s score?

Have fun!

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Hotel Escape 2 walkthrough

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52 Comments to Hotel Escape 2

  1. Misorlou says:

    Hey guys i have the fastest speed run i will put a video up of it to prove it.

  2. Sepherif says:

    Can’t even get started…..shoots me back to the main menu 5 seconds into the game T_T