Colour My Heart

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Colour My HeartColour My HeartColour My Heart is more an experimental Flash than a real game, but it’s really worth a try.

Designed by Silver Stich, 18, from Australia, it takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Use the arrow keys to move.

There are many little hidden things in the world that can be interacted with, simply find them and click them, and in a few cases, you must do this to continue your journey.

Happy belated V-day!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.19


60 Comments to Colour My Heart

  1. Alice says:

    Where can i get the music, its so beautiful!

  2. DNOMN8R says:

    Awwwwww! That was a sweet game!

  3. sian says:

    help plz

  4. Shavya says:

    still loading!

  5. Da Vinci says:

    Yep, if anyone knows the music.. Please tell =P

  6. Shavya says:


  7. ceres says:

    this is a weird game.. and the music—so sad

  8. Jason says:

    The song is by Broove. It’s called Heartbeats. You can get it here

  9. marioko says:

    im stuck on those four platforms

  10. sian says:

    erm… STILL STUCK

  11. Fanny says:

    Sian, you’re kinda funny – how’s anyone supposed to help you if you don’t say where you at?

  12. jackivee says:

    Stuck were the thing keeps blowing me upward

  13. Yoshi says:

    I’m not sure exactly how to beat this

  14. Toxic says:

    Where’s to get stuck? It was so easy, I kept thinking I’d done it wrong or missed something…

  15. dinaco says:

    stuck at the fan

  16. Allstar says:

    stuck at dumb fan but the music in the game is great lol

  17. Pinwheel says:

    haha finally i figured out the fan! You have to use your mouse and click on the power switch by the generator thing! :D

  18. Jules says:

    This guy is really inspired!! Choice of music, words, ideas… It’s simplicity makes a profound contrast with the depth of the thoughs it conveys and the pure love you can extract from them. First, congratulations on what I consider one of the best “theme” games I’ve seen on this web page. Second, congratulations to the author of the game simply because he has found true love! Touching… I’d like to keep saying things, but I’ll bore you all. Just wanted tp share my thoughts. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ^_^

  19. Ciria says:

    So sweet… I love it…beautiful music!

  20. javanutt says:

    I am stuck on the bridge and can’t go anywhere

  21. Mimi says:

    Beautiful it is….

    But I am in the same predicament as others here. The little man falls out of the sky and lands and I can click on a few things:
    two areas on the left that show a series of cracks when clicked, the door looks like it opens when clicked,
    the four arrows fall down and disappear when clicked,
    there is some kind of air flowing upwards on the right bottom of the screen,
    there is a pipe that has a drip that comes out when clicked.

    I do not know if any of the above are the “power switch” that has been mentioned earlier? No matter what I click the little man never moves after he lands. So perhaps things have to be clicked in a certain order? However lovely this is, I don’t think it is a game.

    All the comments about the music…. Yes! Spot on!

  22. Juli says:

    Okay, I don’t get it.

    I can find six things to “do”:






    And that’s all. The music is getting old really fast. What’s going on?

  23. hank madness says:

    the game is very easy to get when a giant fan. reach a low generator you throw the lever down and the air you have to take up and the clouds and landed on the right and continue walking through the clouds to the right and where you’ll find someone.

    I speak Spanish and use a translator. to tell the solution of the game.

  24. p says:

    You don’t really need to click on anything. Show

  25. Juli says:

    Oh. Well, that’s dumb.

    It’s not a mouse-controlled game. There are a few things you can do with a mouse, but that’s not what you’re supposed to do.

    Use the arrow keys.

    I wish that had been made clear somewhere. It’s completely non-obvious (to me, anyway) that once you click “play”, you need to switch to the keyboard.

  26. sian says:

    the thing is i couldn’t say wer i was coz i havn’t yet to move

  27. Jules says:

    Actually, Juli, Eric’s description of the game clearly states that you move around with the arrow keys and you have to “click” (with your mouse, since arrows are no good for clicking) to find a few things and even go past one part of the game.

  28. jonah says:

    theres actually several more things to do.


  29. ximena says:

    love the music…..i downloaded it. at the beginning i didnt get it but i read you can also use the mouse and there you go…. thanx to the person who created this game i love it!!

  30. andre says:

    I pass! wow this a very strange ame but like it the emocional music difucult a litlle but is very easy ! if someone now how to download this music please tell me ;-)!

  31. claymore says:

    I almost cried…., this is fantastic..

    And to those of you who didn’t get it, LIVE…, and you’ll see…

    My deepest respect to the creator.

  32. teddy bear says:

    always get stuck. any help????????

  33. jubilance says:

    Fantastic game and music.. especially the music. the whole thing was put together well. I love it!!!!

  34. Player42 says:

    great music, too bad the interactions doesn’t have real impact

  35. dilly dally DeAndra says:

    this game is so amazing i dont event hink you can put a word on it. it made me wanna cry. its so beatiful and has the meaning of life.the music…wounderul i wanted to download it because its just so amazing. i L-O-V-E it!!!!!!

    special thanks to the creator it changed me!

  36. katie says:

    love d music, where is it from, whats it called tell me please!

  37. martha says:

    this game rox!

  38. opaleden says:

    this is the most amazing beatiful game i have ever
    played it was so simple but magical in its own special way!
    thankyou to the person who invented it and the person who composed the music!
    it made my evening not be so boring!

  39. Angus says:

    The Game Is Just Magic Create by a Love-Man … i cried

  40. Emma-? says:

    i cant figure out the game , but i start’et crying beacuse of the music.. its soo sad AND beautifull in the same way :D

  41. Maris says:

    I now how to go through the fan click on the handle

  42. hi says:


  43. muriel says:

    does anyone know what’s the title of the music. It’s so beautiful

  44. :P says:

    awww i luv the message inside of the game and the music is sooo sweet where can i find the music?

  45. Scarlett Bickley says:

    This is this most beautiful game I have ever played. And the music! beautiful, sad and soft. It makes you think about love.

  46. Scarlett Bickley says:

    Wow! I love the no colour, it adds effect.

  47. lexy says:

    if u still want the music its heartbeats by broove

  48. Katiie says:

    I cant get past the part when your blown up by the fan.. Nothings happening! help.. :)

  49. peas says:

    so beautiful , it feeled like I was hypnotised when i played . So fantastic. I just thought about my old life. Memories and happyness. Love it <3

  50. amy-lyn says:

    what a beautiful game…Show