Are You Good at Geography? 8 – Globetrotter XL

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Globetrotter XLGlobetrotter XLGlobetrotter XL is another game to test your knowledge of Geography. In this game designed by Manfred Weber, your goal is to find famous cities worldwide.

Similar to The Traveler IQ Challenge, Globetrotter XL offers 10 levels and a few hundreds locations.

Click as close to the given city as possible and as fast as possible to score big points!

Have fun!

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By Eric

current rating 3.75


3 Comments to Are You Good at Geography? 8 – Globetrotter XL

  1. Tasselfoot says:

    This game is seriously fun… Had good times whoring it to a score of 29,872. GL to anyone beating it without 10+ hours of memorization. On the plus side… I can now pretty much give the exact location for any city in the world.


  2. Crool says:

    Yes, this game is fun, shame on me, how I lost my topography over the years a bit. ;) So a good game to refresh my memory :)

  3. Katt says:

    Wow, wow, wow.
    I never knew how completely awful my knowledge of geography was until I (attempted) to play this game. The highest level I reached was level 5.
    Shame, shame.
    this is definitely a must-play. Educational AND fun.