Four Second Firestorm – An impressive collective work!

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Four Second FirestormFour Second FirestormHere it is! The final episode of the Four Second series is live since last Sunday at John Cooney’s website!

With 56 developers from 20 countries and 175 microgames each in 4 seconds or less, Four Second Firestorm is one of the largest Flash games ever produced (download size: 14 MB !).

This new game takes you beyond the keyboard and includes over 60 mouse-based games.

The three different modes implemented in Four Second Frenzy (Normal, Endurance and Sudden Death) are still available in Four Second Firestorm and in each mode you can choose between Original (keyboard) or Mouse based microgames.

The game also includes a training mode (Single Game Mode), very helpful to master some obscure levels.

On the downside, if the overall realization of the game is flawless, you will need more luck than skill to complete some microgames. The download size of the game is too large, and it would have been better to release two games separately, one with keyboard based microgames and the other with mouse based microgames.

That said, Four Second Firestorm is an impressive collective work, and if you are a fan of the Four Second series, you will love this one.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


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