8 Days

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8 DaysJust received tonight in my mailbox: “Dear players, the new Anode and Cathode game will be online today at 10:30PM GMT. You can play here. Good luck to all ! Anode & Cathode TEAM”. Warning: 8 Days can hurt young people sensibility. Have fun!

By Eric

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5 Comments to 8 Days

  1. figures says:

    omg come on u peoples! i need a walkthrough!

  2. xandi says:

    me too…mind you .

  3. GwT says:

    Links are busted, and games do not require registration to play.

    Direct link to the games page

  4. Arajntos says:

    i’ve gotten to the point where the lady in the bar says she’ll help me and that i now must bring her ”the stone” …. any clues? :/

  5. Arajntos says:

    nvm figured it out xD