8 Planets

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8 Planets8 Planets8 Planets is a Flash Chinese clone of Zuma, the famous puzzle game developed by PopCap Games.

The object of the game is to eliminate all the balls rolling around the screen, before they reach the Green Planet. As soon as one ball reaches the Green Planet, all the others follow and you lose a life.

To avoid this, you can eliminate the balls by firing a colored ball from the alien mouth towards a group of two or more of the same colored balls. When three or more of the same color come in contact, they explode, possibly triggering other explosions as part of a chain reaction.

8 Planets includes 8 stages of 5 levels each and several power-ups. The button in the upper right corner leads to the main menu and can be used to pause the game. Four buttons will appear in this menu (from top to bottom): 1 – Restart, 2 – Player Name (?), 3 – Options and 4 – Resume the game. In the ‘options’ section, from top to bottom, you can turn the music on/off, add a graphic effect on the rolling balls and toggle quality: choose between automatic (left) and manual (right), then select between low, medium and high in case of manual setting.

That being explained, 8 Planets is very fun but also hard to play: if the levels of the first stage are quite easy to complete, upper levels are more and more difficult. Don’t expect to finish the entire game with your 3 lives, it’s almost impossible! To spice things up, the author added a special bouncing effect to the ball when it hits the others, sometimes leading to unexpected results! Luckily, you can restart a new game from the last level completed.

Overall, 8 Planets is a more than decent clone of Zuma, and with 40 levels to complete, this one is recommended for a long rainy day.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


6 Comments to 8 Planets

  1. Arseniy says:

    Why you give donpixel links? Doesn’t there a official link?
    I like JayisGames usualy trying to figure out official links. You could make that too.

  2. Arseniy says:

    I forgot to say. The game is awesome!

  3. Eric says:

    Arseniy – Just like Jay does, I usually try to find the original link, especially author’s links. With Chinese games it becomes much more difficult for me to find information about the game, its author and the website where the game was hosted first, just because… I don’t read Chinese!! Not to mention that a lot of Chinese sites are really, really slow…

    In this game, there are no credits, no link, nothing. Even the ‘Visit Author Site’ link in Donpixel ends on a Google search page. I like to dig a lot, but I need a minimum of clues to know where/what to dig ;)

    As you mentioned, the game is great and deserves to be reviewed, with or without all information available.

    Do you plan to develop the ultimate Zuma Classic clone after your almost perfect Snake Classic? That would be great, considering that you have already done half of the work with S.C.!

  4. Arseniy says:

    I am not sure I can do Zuma engine. I could try to decompile existent clones to see the code. And I have other projects enough ^_^
    That’s great to hear you are prefer original links!

  5. Eric says:

    This game is now hosted on our server.

  6. Quazy says:

    Not a bad zuma clone, the ball sometimes skipping over an extra spot and how you get colors that aren’t on the screen adds a bit of difficulty to it. Add that with the near instant filling of the screen if you get a long combo, it’s a tough game.