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CluedoCluedoHasbro launched a few days ago a new website dedicated to the famous board game Cluedo (aka Clue in North America). Here is what’s written on the website:

“Cluedo Cop Star gives you the chance to be the best detective in the world. You’ll be pitted against thousands of others as you investigate the recent murder of Dr Black at Tudor Mansion. One of the guests there did the deed, and you’ll need your skill, talent and brainpower to explore, get the clues and find the culprit.

Cluedo Cop Star’s start date is 22nd September 2006. It’s divided into four episodes and there will be one episode available to play at the start. One episode will be added each week for the following three weeks. Once you reach the end of an episode, you’ll have to make an Accusation and you’ll progress to the next one if it’s available. You’ll keep all the Inventory items and Casebook notes you’ve collected from previous episodes. You must play the episodes in order, starting with episode 1, even if you join the game when later episodes are available”.

Hurry and have fun!

Updates :

  • September 29th – Episode #2 is live…
  • October 6th – Episode #3 is live…
  • October 13rd – Episode #4 is live…

By Eric

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122 Comments to Cluedo

  1. zigzaggy says:

    the problem is that I have done all I need to do… and cannot figure out who the murderer is! I am at the end of episode 1, trying to figure out of the murderer. Help please…

  2. marky23 says:

    hi! i had an idea for episode 3. has anyone tried using the pills on the rat trap. i thought of this after asking mrs.white about them (at which point they disappear).
    i dont think itl work as i think you need some food to do it, but without going all through the three episodes again maybe some one could just try it for me to see if it works.
    great game though, i think i know who what and where too!

  3. marky23 says:

    ps is that scarf annoying everyone else as much as me grrr lol. also ive been accusing the same things all the way through which is kind of spooky as nothings come up to suggest to me otherwise!

  4. nathan says:

    is episode 4 out yet if not when is it out

  5. G says:

    you said use the screwdriver do what with it because it wont work with the tape player?any help?

  6. G says:

    Oh and where is the paint? I’m on episode 1 btw

  7. Erica says:

    Where do you find the Real World questions at?

  8. RekTheSweet says:

    Does any1 know which suspect will giv me the most points when i make an accusation????????????????????????

  9. RekTheSweet says:

    Erica, when you’re playing ‘The Game’ underneath it says “Find the real world clues and get bonus points!” Click there. :)

  10. hanna says:

    G, the paint is in the ballroom lol. (:

  11. hanna says:

    I have the dagger mount, scarf, signed photo, and the uncharged cell phone in my inventory. my score is 7810 and every room is opened except the study room. the mouse trap is still there, the cabinet and the cat in the study room are there too…i tried clicking on everything with everything i have….and everyone…but yeah doesn’t work so for the ppl who are in the same lvl as me yeah i guess we have to wait til episode 4.

  12. RekTheSweet says:

    my score is 8440

  13. samros says:

    Hi Guys’n’ Girls I’m on episode 3 and I’m sure I did’nt find a secret passage as someone suggests in recent posts any Ideas I got the scarf though. Also at the mo I have 7880 points

  14. jack says:

    hey every 1. im on episode 3 but i dnt no wat to do with the dagger mount, the scarf and the phone.also i dnt no wat to do with the mouse trap please can some1 help

  15. RekTheSweet says:

    u cant access mouse trap, cat, cabnet till next episode. :)

    also all those things u dont know what to do with if u hav already asked suspects abuit them that is all u can do till next episode too.

  16. Bruno says:

    I wonder where the differences in score come from, while everyone is doing the same. Is it:
    – speed of playing
    – questions asked
    – order of things you do
    – stupid tries (asking someone about wrong thing etc)
    – random
    – something else

    Anyone an idea?

  17. Joe says:

    im on episode 3 and im stuck. what do you do with the rat trap, dead plant, cabinit, and cat????? i have in my inventory the mobile phone, scarf,dagger mount, photograph and inside water pot.

  18. Saxy Lady says:

    How do you get to Episode 4. Like others above I have: –
    Dagger mount

    The following are still lighting up: –
    Miss Scarlet
    Mrs Peacock
    Mrs White
    Trophy cabinet
    Rev. Green
    Mouse trap

    I know these will all be relevant in episode 4, and I’ve double checked that there’s nothing more I can do. I have done the real world clue and made my accusation.


    Does anyone know what I should do?

  19. Tess says:

    You can’t do anything with the mouse trap yet, the dead plant you take the water can to the sink and fill it up, use it. nothing with the cabinet and cat yet that I can find. I still have the scarf, dagger and mount, picture and cell phone in my inventory. New episode should be out tomorrow.

  20. RekTheSweet says:

    Joe AND any1 else who says on the last exiting episode and whine saying THEY ARE STUCK!!!!! Wa Wa cry cry. HELLO??? its probly used 4 next episode if u cant use it. use ur own mind, if u dont ur sorta a cheat and if u won it would be SOOOO SLACK hope you understand.
    sorry everyone for that

  21. Saxy Lady says:

    FAO RekThe Sweet

    Not sure why you took the trouble to post your message. Some of us are obviously irritating you, I know for my part that that was not the intention. I’ve only just started with this game, and having been a late comer, and not having found anything about when the episodes are released, I’d thought they must have all been out. Particularly as so many others are listing a similar problem.

    Sorry we’re not all up to your standard, but hey, at least we’re not getting so stressed about it either!


    Contrary to what RekThe Sweet says, the watering can is not for the next episode. It’s as Tess said; fill it up at the kitchen tap so you can water the dead plant. Good luck.

  22. Sally says:

    the next episode is ment to be out today isnt it? episode 3 was out last friday!! my game wont save and colonel mustard and prof plum wont light up any more, even thought i have one of them diary enteries to ask colonel mustard about!! is this happening to anyone else?

  23. CMonster says:

    Wow it all makes sense, I believe black was planning to marry mrs peacock and I also bleieve that proffesor plum did it in the study with the candle stick.

    I still have the scarf, picture and mount and I’ve finished ep 4 with almost 11,000 ( I got 600 points for my accusation)

  24. stevo says:

    You should already be able to do something with the mouse trap, if you go to the dining room and click on the plate in the middle of the table you will get some cheese take the cheese to the celler and you will get a rat

  25. Anne says:

    Ok so I have completed episode 4 as far as I know. Nothing is lighting up apart from the characters. But I still have the photo, daggermount, scarf and the engagement ring. I have no idea what to do now? Anyone have any ideas. I can’t seem to realise how to get them out of my inventory.

  26. sarah says:

    Anne you don’t need to get them out of ur inventory, just accuse a suspect by reading the evidence!

  27. Leanne says:

    where do i find the code for the safe? x

  28. RekTheSweet says:

    Leanne, the safe code is on the photo on the wall.. ummm…. the right wall. SORRY TO EVERYONE ABOUT THAT OTHER MESSAGE ESPECIALY Saxy Lady. :( Just stressed bout my personal life rite now :*(

  29. Charlotte Kate Yates says:

    omg i dont know who it is !

  30. Charlotte says:

    i did episode 4
    aaand tbh i dont have a clue how can people get really high scores?

    i finished the game with 10900 or something like that.

    & i think it was Mrs White in the Study with the Candlestick.

    this is really confusing me.

    what did other people think it was?

  31. Saxy Lady says:

    FAO RekThe Sweet

    No problem – we all have bad days!

    Good luck with the game

  32. RekTheSweet says:

    Yehh… :) Im sooo srry.. i just something happened thts all.. im ok now :)

    My nd score on cluedo was 11010, but i havent made an acusation yet :S

  33. Sally says:

    what do u do with the engagement ring?

  34. Ben says:

    hi every1! what do you do with the engagement ring??? thats the last thing i gotta do in ep 4 anyone no anything? CMonster you said that all you had was the scarf, the mound and the photo. what did you do with the ring?

  35. Alej says:

    Hey, i’m still left with the scarf, ring, dagger mount and photo.

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the following?

  36. Vrony says:

    OMG help me, i have the scarf, dagger mount, photo and ring…
    what do i do with them, i am most interested for what you r meant to do with the ring, please help me, and tell me what to do with as many of the things i have as you can… o and im on ep 4, my score is: 10450… HELP, the ring is the last thing i need to do before i make my accusation!!!
    HELP!!! :-/

  37. x_bootifulbabe_x says:

    wat is da code 4 the safe?!

  38. x_bootifulbabe_x says:

    and what do i do with the dagger mount, scarf and the picture of josephine?

  39. x_bootifulbabe_x says:

    I’ve got it now lol soz. What do I do with the ring?

  40. Tom Marshall says:

    Might I suggest that anyone try Miss Scarlet, Study, Candlestick for episode 4, you might like the score you get.

    I got a score of 12720 (#2 in UK) but even I had the scarf, dagger mount, ring and picture left, and now someone has got a score of 12870.

    If anyone does find a use for the ring I would be intrigued to know.

  41. Vrony says:

    to tom marshall…
    everyone ses it is professor plum, study, candlestick… the study and candle stick are definately rite, but 1 person sed mrs white, u sed miss scarlet and everyone else ses professor plum…

  42. Tom Marshall says:

    What I have suggested is from my experience, anyone may take it or leave it, but trust me when I say, that i KNOW that Miss Scarlet is not as innocent as you think, and plum is more innocent than he looks…

  43. Tom Marshall says:

    Oh, and has anyone else noticed that apart from the ring, (which I can find no use for yet), the items you are left with (scarf, photo and dagger mount) are the ONLY items in the game that have the ability to ask more than one person a question, therefore, it is my suggestion that the fact that you do not loose these items is just a glitch…

    The ring however…. I don’t see the point in…

  44. ChaCha2oo6 says:

    Why would it be Prof. Plum? The only thing I have on him is that he played chess with Black in the study. I don’t think he was killed in the study because the two cassettes I played say this:

    Lounge – a faint gunshot is heard at 11:30pm
    Billiard Room – A loud gunshot is heard at exactly 11:30pm

    So if it’s loud I think it must have been from the billiard room or conservatory. Meh. We might all be playing different games so there’s different answers. I dunno I’ve only been on here for two days…

  45. Charlotte says:

    haha I just noticed the third episode is called “Fiends – The one where someone dies” and there Is a Friends episode called “The one where someone dies”

    Ahhh that made me chuckle muchly.

  46. Alej says:

    i think it’s Peacock, personally, since she is the one that is always up to no good, or it may also be ms white, afterall, if Dr. was going to marry scarlet then there would be a possibility that ms white would be out of the picture. what do u guys think?

  47. Vrony says:

    i still need help wid the ring!!!! wat do u do with it?!?!?!?!?!?!

  48. Andy says:

    The gun shot is loud in the billiard room because a service pistol there is set to automaticlly fire at 11:30. Soh e prob wasnt killed there. The struggle in his Study clearly happened at 11:00. The killer I think was Mrs White, because she was jealous of Black and Scarlet, her kitchen also has a secret passage to the study with a bloodied candlestick in. So she is most probably the murderer, her weapon the candlestick and the place of death is the study. :P

  49. Andy says:

    Oh Yeah also the page on Mrs White mentions hr jealousy.

  50. Vrony says:

    is ANYONE listening to me?