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CluedoCluedoHasbro launched a few days ago a new website dedicated to the famous board game Cluedo (aka Clue in North America). Here is what’s written on the website:

“Cluedo Cop Star gives you the chance to be the best detective in the world. You’ll be pitted against thousands of others as you investigate the recent murder of Dr Black at Tudor Mansion. One of the guests there did the deed, and you’ll need your skill, talent and brainpower to explore, get the clues and find the culprit.

Cluedo Cop Star’s start date is 22nd September 2006. It’s divided into four episodes and there will be one episode available to play at the start. One episode will be added each week for the following three weeks. Once you reach the end of an episode, you’ll have to make an Accusation and you’ll progress to the next one if it’s available. You’ll keep all the Inventory items and Casebook notes you’ve collected from previous episodes. You must play the episodes in order, starting with episode 1, even if you join the game when later episodes are available”.

Hurry and have fun!

Updates :

  • September 29th – Episode #2 is live…
  • October 6th – Episode #3 is live…
  • October 13rd – Episode #4 is live…

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122 Comments to Cluedo

  1. sam says:

    Wow just played cluedo, found it really addictive, can not wait for the next episode.

  2. Beckslouise says:

    well i still have a wilted plant, locked tool box and pot full of paint waiting for me to do something with and i have no idea what – i have looked several times for everything to point and click at but recovered nothing else to put in to my inventory to help me with them

  3. sam says:

    Glad to know I am not the only one with the same problem, its driving me mad. Hopefully the solution is in the next episode.

  4. hanna says:

    you find the gloves in a room lying down somewhere to look through the wilted plant. you get a magnet from the refrigerator and use it on the paint pot to get the key to the tool box.

  5. hanna says:

    excuse me its not the wilted plant i meant the plant in the billards room (:

  6. callum says:

    i am well past all of you i am on the part were you have given mrs white candles but ii always get a problem i think it’ll come chasin me when i get the libary and i think the study has a key part in the game

  7. ceej says:

    i am lost on the gloves? how do you find them?

  8. luther says:

    i need help. ive just found the scarf and asked the suspects about it but i dont know what to do next

  9. callum says:

    the gloves are in the conservatory where there is a wooden kind of shelf they are on the bottom and with the scerf there isnt much left to do about the scarf

  10. Saz says:

    What are you meant to do with the piano?

  11. Saz says:

    I’ve just found the secret passage and got the scarf but now i can’t find anything and i don’t know what to do, can anyone help me?

  12. hanna says:

    i’m stuck…the library and study hall is still locked. AND what is that hot and cold water running in the kitchen? and what do you do with the dart board in the billiards room?

  13. callum says:

    what is everyones score just to see

  14. Lessers78 says:

    I dont have any gloves in the conservatory. Is this in episode 1 or episode 2? Thanks

  15. Emma says:

    Hiya my kitchen and billiards room are still locked and also my library and study!! Please tell me how to unlock them!! Thanks

  16. Saz says:

    I’ve found the scark and unlocked the secret passage but now im stuck and i can’t find anything. How do you unlock the other rooms?

  17. ceej says:

    thanks callum – i went back and found them :)

    The kitchen and billiards room are locked until you finish episode one and make an accusation after which these two rooms will be unlocked (and more clues will be found in the existing rooms)

    I think we have to wait for episode 3 (another week) before the other rooms will be unlocked.

  18. Kellie says:

    I still have a few things Im not sure on but I have completed one and two and dont appear to be able to go any further with the items/suspects. I still have the following unused etc:

    Scarf-spoken to suspects(scarlett/peacock) and got some answers but still have in my inventory
    Phone-not charged
    Picture of scarlett-asked suspects(plum/scarlett/peacock) about it and got some answers but still have in my inventory
    Dagger mount-asked suspects (white and green) about it but still have in my inventory

    Still have these locked out:

    Wilted plant in conservatory, rat trap in cellar, hot and cold water in kitchen?-bin in kitchen, dart board in billiard room.

    I have been round everywhere twice so Im sure I havent missed anything.

    I think have uncovered all of the available clues etc so if anyone needs any pointers Im happy to help!

  19. Kellie says:

    I found this on another site:

    Episode 1:


    Episode 2:


    This score kind of sucks and is 1000 points lower than the highest score. The only answers from suspects that were more than 100 points were from Colonel Mustard (who couldn’t explain the lipstick on the second glass) and Reverend Green (who couldn’t explain the unsmoked pipe). Perhaps there were more traps to spring on them?

    I’m really at a loss as to the high points difference. Could a better accusation really have provided the missing points?

  20. xoxlindzxox says:

    Hey!!! i cant seem to find the candles can anyone tell me where they are please? thnx

  21. Em says:

    Ive played the tape in the cassette player but its still lighting up anyone know wot to do with it? other than that im at the same place as kellie… loving the game tho alot of fun but so frustratin havin to wait

  22. Em says:

    candles are in the kitchen…

  23. Charlie says:

    hi there, i’ve done everything that is listed on kellie’s last post and currently have 4900points. i am also at a lose as to what to do next to get the points upto anywhere near the top of the leader board?? has anyone found out what 2 do with dart board, tap in kitchen and how to get closer to the bin to examine it?? would love to hear any updates before i go ahead and make my accusation..
    many thanks..

  24. Neil says:

    Hey I have score of 5260, I have left :

    The Taps,
    Cant get close to bin,
    And dartboard,

    Where do u find the pipe???

  25. MiniMaxi says:

    Hi ppl, how r ya all? i play cluedo too, of course, lol. i now have in my inventory, dager mount, scarf, mobile phone & Signed photo. I cannot do anything with the dart board, wilted plant, bin, taps in kitchen, that is it. I really wana get a top score like everyone else. does anyone no wat to do with the things i just said? ALSo if u help me ill help u. My score right now is 4980.
    Please help me guys. ThX
    P.S Neil, you find the pipe in the billiard room on the green table at the bottom of the screen. :)

  26. MiniMaxi says:

    Hey, i also have the rat trap & candles not used??? wat do i do with em???

  27. hanna says:

    How did you get the mouse trap? my score is 5050

  28. hanna says:

    and Neil, did you get rid of the wilted planT? if you did how???

  29. MiniMaxi says:

    hanna, i didnt get the mouse trap, i cant do it. lol

  30. Rachel says:

    where is the shelf in the conservatory where every one says the gloves are? WHERE ARE THEY HELP!!!!

  31. rachel says:


  32. Neil says:

    HI guys thanks, no wilt plant still there guessing once can use taps we can then water plant and get to it.

  33. Neil says:

    Nope the pipe isnt there :(

  34. MiniMaxi says:

    hmmm… remember its a smoking pipe… its brown… little bit like a boomerang shape

  35. Stasya says:

    when is the new episode coming out?????

  36. rachel says:

    when does episode 3 start?

  37. Discordia says:

    Hey I am stuck too, like you all I have

    1) The uncharged Mobile ‘phone
    2) The Dagger Wall Mount
    3) The Blue Scarf
    4) Mis Scarlett ‘photograph

    Left to do is

    1) Wilted Plant
    2) Running H&C taps
    3) Rap Trap
    4) Dart Board
    5) Tape Machine also lights up even though I have used it
    6) The Kitchen Bin

    I reckon that obviously the Taps will go with the wiltedplant, but need a container, Don’t ahev a clue (do!) about the Dartboard, Rattrap I dunno, Bin, I thought the scarf could pull itover, and I thought the Rat Trap could be used to put water in it..but NO!

  38. Discordia says:


    Score is 5100!

  39. u1j79 says:

    Where is the dagger mount?

  40. Laura says:

    the new episode is out every friday but u cant progress to it unless u have made an accusation.
    in the new episode u get the darts to play and the u get to the bin and u also fix the wilted plant. i dont wanna spoil it by telling u how but it should all come clear very soon. although if u get really stuck il tell u.
    things r becomin g more clear i cant wait for the final episode and just to let everyone no my score atm is 8030.

  41. charlie says:

    hey, i didn’t want to make accusastion till i knew i’d done evrythin possible.. b4 accessing episode 3 i have done everything everyone else has so why do i only have 4900 points and other people have 5000 and over points??? would really be interested in anyone ideas. many thanks

  42. Leanne says:

    I need help… i started playin cluedo for the 1st time 2day n cant unlock the kitchen, billiards room, study and the library. can any1 help asap? plleeasse!

  43. rachel says:

    i have 2850 points what do i do next i am in episode 1 amd i have the blue scarf and dagger mount and i still need to do the mouse trap, wilted plant, toolbox and the paint tin helpppp!!!

  44. Ben says:

    I have 7900 points after game three. for the dart board u need to find something to throw at it and read the instructions carefully hmmmm interesting cant find the pipe though ARGH :(

  45. george says:

    lol im writing this is html my goodness some1 killed dr. black
    well that was a great start to the day how do you charge moblile phoneplz help mei mean ut plz

  46. munki says:

    hello people i have just done number 3 and i still have the dagger mount, scarf, uncharger mobile and a picture. i still cant sort the rat trap out and i cant seem to move a cat or open a cabinet full of expensive books and for some reason i have got the diary section on mustard twice HELP pleeeeeeeeeease please please

  47. Becky says:

    Whats the date on the box on the real game?!

  48. Sam says:

    Some of you people need some independence. If you have items you can’t use, or things in the house you can’t do anything with, it probably means it will come up during the next episode! You get different amounts of points for what you accuse and also some of the questions you ask, and for doing the mini games first try, so if you have less points than others it doesn’t nessecarily mean you haven’t done anything. Just go through all the rooms and make sure there are no more items to pick up. Try using every item with every object and if it doesn’t work, wait for the next episode. Look through your case book carefully before make an accuation and try and use some logic, you get a lot of points for a good accusation, I think up to 500. Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed something, if you find it in the next episode you still get the same points. Always do the real world clues, if you don’t know the answer you can usually find it by looking at pictures on the internet. All these things should get your points up. I am up to 8500 but have not made my last accusation. I have been on the top 10 for my country a few times. I prefer to play this game without asking for answers from message boards on the net, it’s a lot more of a challenge.

  49. jamie says:

    to use the plant in the conservatory u must get the watering can in the libary , go to the kitchen click the watering can and then with the watering can click on the taps and then add 2 ur invetory then water the plant ! easy just 2 let u`s know im an ace detective

  50. jamie says:

    i need help with the phone ! and the mouse trap