High Wheels

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High WheelsHigh WheelsHigh Wheels is a little Flash game released by Tonypa late 2004. The object here is to collect as many red dots as possible by jumping from wheel to wheel as they turn. Use your mouse to aim and click to jump. Each collected red dot adds one point to your score.

The game is timed and you have only 5 minutes or 300 seconds to collect as many red dots as possible. A floating blue dot appears randomly from time to time: try to catch it to get 10 extra points, no gravity, stopped wheels or 10 seconds extra time. Get an extra bonus by clearing the board.

As often with Tonypa games, High Wheels is a short one, perfect for a coffee break. With only one level to complete (or at least try to) and minimalist graphics, the author seems to have focused mostly on polishing the concept! And the result is another “easy to learn, tricky to play” addictive game. Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. This is exactly like Wheels of Salvation at armorgames.com, except with worse music and graphics.

  2. Eric says:

    Wizzel… – Yep! And the review of WoS is on its way!

  3. alec says: