Oh My God! The Bugs Are Coming!

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Oh My God! The Bugs Are Coming!Oh My God! The Bugs Are Coming!Oh My God! The Bugs Are Coming! is a small skill game designed by Tonypa in which you will have to avoid the bugs as long as you can with your bubble. If any bug hits your bubble, the game is over.

Control your pink bubble with your mouse: the bubble simply follows your pointer movements, slightly behind. To add difficulty to the game, your bubble expands every five seconds, making it less and less manoeuvrable. Luckily, a small yellow bubble appears from time to time and if you manage to catch it before it leaves the playfield, your bubble size decreases slightly for a few seconds, before expanding again.

OMG! The Bugs Are Coming! is another example of a very simple and very small game (download size: 30Kb) that can become addictive quickly. Expect 1 to 4 minutes per game. Have fun!

By Eric

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