Submachine Zero

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Submachine ZeroSubmachine ZeroSubmachine Zero: Ancient Adventure is the latest Submachine sequel released by Mateusz Skutnik aka Murtaugh.

Designed in August to enter the first Game Design Competition organized by Casual Gameplay, this new adventure offers similar gameplay and atmosphere as the other Submachine games, but in a shorter way.

This one is easy, and you will only collect a few objects to use through the small labyrinth. With its very nice graphics and its mysterious background, Submachine Zero is another perfect Room Escape distraction for a short lunch break.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.29


52 Comments to Submachine Zero

  1. Eric says:

    Submachine Zero walkthrough…















  2. Caitlin says:

    Once inside the door and down the stairwell, I can’t move anywhere after I light the candle. I can’t un-select the lighter and I think therefore I cannot play any further. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Mercedes says:

      You have to click far to the right, really far. Almost off the screen. This should solve the problem.

  3. fussycow says:

    fraid i cant get the link to work :(

  4. fussycow says:

    oops must’ve been a glitch its working now :o)

  5. nana says:

    i don’t know how to block the spears?? sorry

  6. jo says:

    i cant de-select the lighter help!!!

  7. whit says:

    I can’t find the stupid candle. I’ve tried clicking everywhere. I must be blind or something. Help.

  8. NEED HELP says:

    How do you block the spears

  9. NEED HELP says:

    Can’t find the jewels help

  10. purekiller359 says:

    thanks it helped a lot :)

  11. Felix Smith says:

    To deselect items, click in the black box on the right (where you picked it up from)

    All in all I think this game is rather short.

  12. Richerd says:

    the game was pretty easy. the other submachine games (especially, the loop) were challenging

  13. helppppp says:

    I can’t find out what to do after I’ve got the jewels?

  14. waggs says:

    I did it all….but…stuck like a few people before me….can’t block the spears…but i can get back to the turning stone…but can’t place the gems…why?

  15. James Bond says:

    fun albeit hard

  16. bike rider says:

    not too hard then the previously ones I’ve played and I’ve played all of them and may i say “thank god for those people who stay in the science club”

  17. Clingon says:

    I have put the tongues in the dragons i go in but i cant find the candle Please Help

  18. heidi says:

    I can’t find the candel either…

  19. u love me says:

    Ok the candle is inside the door….click the little itty bitty circle on the door to get in
    then go down

  20. Queen Elizabeth The 3rd says:

    where the hell do you go to put the jewels in and if it’s in the room with the spears then

  21. spiky says:

    here’s my walk through







    now from here do Eric’s steps from 08 to 14 but ignore the the ‘go left and’ of 08 after you have done that




    i will not wreck the surprise for you peeps and by the way it’s crappy.
    c ya nxt walk through and question i have. ☻☻☻☻

  22. killer says:


  23. Eion says:

    Eh kinda dissapointing. Wasn’t all that difficult or very long. His first 2 were like “Whoa! No way am I going to be able to solve these!” then his 3rd game was like, “Aw Man!!! No pages? or Story?” now its like “CRAPPY!” I hope that if he makes a new one that it will be better than this one.

  24. devon says:

    wow…compared to the other submachine games this one was real easy….and disapointing. =[

  25. unreal says:


  26. KillswitchEngage says:


  27. crazy man O_o says:

    this wuz easy but fun

  28. crazy man O_o says:

    it wuz a little dissapointing 2

  29. vikki says:

    where the hell is the lighter?

  30. SuNsHiNeWaLkEr says:

    where is the stone exactly?

  31. kees says:

    in the place where you get jewel 3 in the darkest corner on the right there is Show

    Hope i helped!!!!!

  32. kees says:

    yeah it was a bit dissapointing i mean come on after all that we only get a….. sorry im not gunna ruin it for u guys

  33. THAT SUCKED! says:

    *** that sucked compared to the other submachines! too short, too!

  34. PJ says:


  35. Kell says:

    someone please leave a detailed way to find the candle…i cant find it!!!

  36. crystallinectar says:

    what everyone is failing to mention is that there is no candle until AFTER you go down the hole. after that there’s a candle on the left. THEN you can keep going.

  37. crystallinectar says:

    oh and if you’re having trouble de-selecting the lighter, click pretty far over to the right of the black area and it jumps back into place.

  38. Ash says:

    Where is the block to the spears.

  39. Nicole says:

    I don’t understand the walkthrough…

  40. alex_a_h says:

    Wow, so easy… and short… crap compared 2 others, exept 3 wich is also crap.

  41. ummmmmm forgot? says:

    that game was a load of rubbish i did it in 5 mins by myself with no walkthrough

  42. Person says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me, only a Wisdom crystal thingy!?

  43. Samantha says:

    TOO SHORT!!!

  44. peachy says:

    i m still trying to open the stone door i clikcked for million times it just dint open help

  45. peachy says:

    the door opened bt ct find a place tolight with the lighter

  46. diki says:

    great game ……….we work in a BPO in india n it refreshes our mind thanks diki n priyanka

  47. Peter says:

    Great game… but too short

  48. kiren says:

    for any one who still has no clue were to get the lighter its in a hole in the wall to the right of where you star

  49. Rae says:

    I love Submachine

  50. Qwerty Byte says: