The Escape of Aquarius

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The Escape of AquariusThe Escape of Aquarius is the eleventh installment in the Japanese Room Escape series “Constellation Escape” created by Maka. Your main goal here is to collect all the blue cards and the red cards hidden in this place. If I’m counting right, there is only one more game to come out! Have fun!

By Eric

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6 Comments to The Escape of Aquarius

  1. Crool says:

    Like those games.
    For the ones who doesn’t know how it works:
    the notes don’t go in inventory
    you have to find 5 blue cards
    the red cards don’t go in your inventory, but every one opens a place what was locked before. (I thought I had 7 of these.
    Where to put the blue cards: Show

    The PASSWORD for the safe Show

    and your out.
    Easy one, but nice again, look a little bit the same as the last one …

  2. Reka says:

    About calendar, Show

  3. anonymouse says:

    blue cards:

    red cards:

    password Show

  4. Crool says:

    @reka, no the 26 isn’t a hint. See comment #1 where to put the blue cards ;)

  5. Crool says:

    @ Reka: The walkthrough is in comment #3 and #1

  6. Totenkopf says:

    I agree with Reka, 26 is a hint…Show