Ski Chalet Escape

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Ski Chalet EscapeSki Chalet EscapeSki Chalet Escape is a new Room Escape game developed by Dom Champan.

“You have gone on a skiing holiday for the week only to find the weather has been bad for the last few days od your trip! Finally, it’s cleared up and you can go skiing, but you’re locked inside your ski chalet with no way of getting out!

Escape the room and grab your skis so you can hit the slopes!”

Don’t forget to press spacebar to put an item away.

Have fun!

Ski Chalet Escape walkthrough in comments #23 and #25 (thanks ROCKnn and anna!)

By Eric

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37 Comments to Ski Chalet Escape

  1. Alucard says:

    Oh!! I’m the first!! I can’t believe it!! XDD

  2. jillydoc says:

    Yay, new game!

  3. Toxic says:

    Just started…

    So far…


  4. Alex says:

    Got Show

  5. Alex says:

    used the Show

  6. jillydoc says:

    Okay that rock jumping game is driving me CRAZY!!

  7. Alex says:


  8. Toxic says:

    jillydoc Show

  9. Toxic says:

    Got Show

  10. Alucard says:

    Out! It appears to be easy but it does have its tricks…


  11. jillydoc says:

    Thanks Toxic, got it finally by zooming the view. And out!

  12. Unowninator says:

    I’m stuck.


    Now what?

  13. Toxic says:

    Play the game ;-)

  14. Toxic says:

    Sometimes u click and click on a place and nothing happens…

    Then, when u revisit, there’s something there!

    Got Show

  15. Toxic says:

    Forgot to say…

    OUT!!! :-)

  16. Toxic says:

    Now off to try part 2…

  17. Toxic says:

    which isn’t there :-(

  18. Ralf says:

    Out! cool game, but rocks jumping really got on me…

  19. DNOMN8R says:

    I plugged the iPhone into the charger but it won’t turn on.

  20. Matt W says:

    Where do you plug the curling iron in? The obvious place would be the power strip but it won’t let me.

  21. Sol says:

    At the end of the (frustrating!! had to restart over & over again) ski challenge,

    Maybe that helps someone.
    BTW, that game was much too short. Weren’t it for the ski jumping, you’d be out in two minutes.

  22. Anwynn says:

    Just had a weird glitch. When I went to open the code box I only put in half the code and it opened. Bizarre.

  23. ROCKnn says:



  24. Josesita says:

    easy one… =D

  25. anna says:

    out in no time1


  26. jo says:

    Nope, have no patience with the stupid ski jump game, but being that it’s the only thing preventing me from getting out, I can make my peace with not finishing it.

  27. vanni ogg says:

    my game is buggy :-(( finally beat the ski-game, but it won’t let me open the lock with the key. the other one is already open. what am I doing wrong?

  28. Toxic says:

    vanni Show

  29. :] says:

    omg, that ski game is so frusturating D:
    i keep crashing at 9 jumps xD

  30. Deja Moore` says:

    i asked for the walkthrough and it gave me a whole different thing these things suck they dont even tell you what to do to beat the game!!! :())(

  31. Lauren says:

    The way I beat the ski jump game was to Show

  32. hannah says:

    i cant get out of the room .. i have opened one lock but i cant find another key to open the other lock .. where is it? what do i have to do to get out?

  33. sdsd says:


  34. Lori says:

    After many tries on the Ski Game I got though, but this was one of the easiest ones I have come across.

  35. rebecca says:

    i got to the last rock and i lost :(((((((

  36. floopp says:

    gahh where is the key to the top lock??
    and where is the code for the thingyy

  37. Lauren says:

    i won the game the first time i played :) xx