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PasswordPassword is a new Flash Riddle game, and this one is challenging! Figure out the password using available hints in each level. “Type your answer in the text box and press enter. Uppercase letters, whitespace and numbers are not allowed.” The password for the first level is… password! Hard! Have fun!

By Eric

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31 Comments to Password

  1. lianski says:

    first :))
    let’s give it a try…

  2. nallam says:

    level 4 and stuck already :(

  3. Jole says:

    lever 3?

  4. SuzyWoozy says:

    Level 3


  5. susana says:

    too hard ! I have cheat for many levels…

  6. mee says:

    I don´t get lvl 4 :-(


  7. Jeffers says:

    level 4
    know your financial history

  8. Kirijama says:

    For level 4:




  9. Kirijama says:

    Anything about lvl5?

  10. Kirijama says:

    Nevermind, got it

    google is your friend

  11. Kirijama says:

    For level 6:




  12. Kirijama says:

    Level 7:

    Is it about

  13. Josie says:

    I dont undestand the game… =S
    Could someone explain it to me please?

  14. Hassle says:

    here’s as far as I’ve got . . .


    Then I get stuck !!!

  15. Hassle says:

    wait !!!

  16. SuzieGirl64 says:

    This is way to “out there” for me! I’m reasonably intelligent and manage about 70% of The Times cryptic crossword but these clues are just, well, bizarre! I may need to start doing drugs to get it! Ha ha!!

    How many people doing this puzzle, for example would know who Fermat was? Or that Fermat’s Last Theorem is the name of the statement in number theory that states that:
    It is impossible to separate any power higher than the second into two like powers,
    or, more precisely:
    If an integer n is greater than 2, then the equation an + bn = cn (the ‘n’ in each of these being superscript) has no solutions in non-zero integers a, b, and c.
    (Thanks to Wikipedia)

    More importantly, who cares! LOL!

  17. bob says:

    is anyone out there willing to explain how they got each answer? i’m just curious…

  18. NetMonster says:

    I cheated to get 6, and now I’m stuck at 7. I don’t know where and how to look for clues.

    Nevertheless, I think you may learn stuff from this game if you search cleverly.

  19. nitrox says:

    i like the idea, but these clues are either too bizzare or too out there. I dont think that the average joe could beat this game…

  20. jackivee says:

    The concept sounds fun, but this is just ridiculous

  21. ceres says:

    oh wow hassle. youre really good at did you get the answer?i dont get every level!i suck at this!

  22. stupefyin says:

    In answer to SuzieGirl’s post. I, too, can do reasonably well with the Times crossword and I actually have heard of Fermat. One, if not two, members of my family would be able to explain the theorem. Alas, neither one of them would be me but at least I could feign both understanding and interest. Not so with this game.

    It’s a great concept but some of riddles are a little too obscure and I had to cheat too much. Even when I read the answer for #8 I had to ponder a little bit until I remembered Douglas Adams. I can’t name one person in my circle of friends and associates who has read him, other than me. That is the point when I decided to quit.

    The author must have a much more well-rounded and higher level of education than me.

  23. stupefyin says:

    Well, obviously better educated since I notice I left out a word. Ha!

  24. Hassle says:

    Well actually, I read another forum for quite a few answer, but I can tell you all the ones I understand

    Argh ! there’s more !

  25. Hassle says:


  26. Kanna says:

    anything else?? really stuck

  27. Hassle says:


  28. Hassle says:


  29. ben says:


  30. clue says:

    here are the PASSWORDs:

  31. Lolo_Foo says: