Panda: Tactical Sniper

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Panda: Tactical SniperPanda: Tactical Sniper is a non-violent snipper puzzle game developed by Rob Donkin and RobotJAM. Your goal in this game is to help panda get out of trouble in 12 levels. Use your mouse to aim and shoot and act with “sang-froid”. Cute time killer! Have fun!

Panda Tactical Sniper video walkthrough!

By Eric

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53 Comments to Panda: Tactical Sniper

  1. mmr says:


  2. Sarah :D says:

    Ok, he’s in the house…but how do you help him get the biscuits?

  3. DNOMN8R says:

    There is a walkthrough provided in-game.

  4. mee says:

    Nice game! Sarah: Show

    sorry for my bad English

  5. Unowninator says:

    @ DNOMN8R; there is? Where? I can’t find it.

  6. SuzieGirl64 says:

    I can’t get past the Bottles level! My computer is too slow so I can’t get around all the bottles in 20 seconds. I’ve tried about a dozen times now! Oh well have to give up I guess. Shame as I like this game.

  7. Josie says:

    stuck with 20.000 next to the ship…
    please!! someone any help???

  8. Wenone says:

    Ship Show

  9. A.K.A Casper says:

    Someone please help me with the part of that you have to help him get the biscuits its like so hard..

  10. Deante says:

    you shoot the window then you shoot the frige 4 times

  11. Jonathan says:

    how do you do the level where the lion has a defence system

  12. Jonathan says:

    its too hard, if anyone has an answer let me know

    • Rusty says:

      with the level with the security shoot the buttons when the turn green then there will be black wires underneath shoot any order :)

  13. James says:

    Im stuck on cutting the power.
    With the boat shoot the red ligth and then shoot the bottom of the boat

    • helen says:

      I agree! i asked every person if they knew and they said to do something about it. well they’re mean

      • 009pingu says:

        shoot the lights that flash red and green so that theyll stay green. Then at the bottom of that machine youll see 3 wires (the wires look like dots with lines joining them)shoot them and youre done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cody says:



  15. pablo says:

    for the defense system you have to shoot the 4 lights but you can only shoot them when they are green
    then shoot the 3 wires to the left of the green grid
    easy as pie

  16. Kirsty says:

    Can’t get past the mansion part. There’s a door bell to move the ghost away from the window you’ve just smashed. But don’t know after that? Walk through experiences an error. Any help, thanks.

    • Millia says:

      you click the grave nearest to him or one of them and he starts drifiting towards it then smash the window.

  17. Butchie says:

    I need help with the same level. Someone answer!?

  18. Prith says:

    You guys look like u need a walkthrough……lolll……:)

    need help?…

  19. Done says:

    shot the upper left window, when the ghost appears shot the doorbell, then shot the lower right window, wait until the ghost floats above the bush then shot the doorbell.

  20. deano says:

    u shoot the window then keep shooting the fridge on the buiscut level

  21. Aeva says:

    for the mansion level, shoot the upper left window, wait for the ghost to appear and pick up the biscuits, then shoot the lower left window, then the lower right window…..when the ghost is hovering in the windo above the bush, shoot the doorbell.

  22. Dude says:


  23. Alice says:

    for the mansion level:-

    hope that helps :D

  24. Beanz says:

    When he’s hanging upside down, what the hell am i supposed to do !? i keep dropping him on his head lol

  25. connor says:

    HELP MEE, i cant stop droping panda on his head when hes upside down

    • joeboe says:

      what u do is u push the red button and then the arrow wait until hes on the floor and shoot the light the shoot the rope

  26. connor says:

    for the leval wen hes upside down shoot the lights out then shoot he green light and the shoot the arrow on the meale box the let it go down then shoot the rope

  27. peacecdogcrtystallovepure says:

    how do u pass the one where u cant let the van go away? i hit the lights but what next?????!!!!!!?????!!!

  28. xdfgg says:

    how do u pass the first level *amature*

  29. Tally says:

    Here is another walkthrough for anyone who can not see the one Cody put up.

    Level One:

    Level Two:

    Level Three:

    Level Four:

    Level Five:

    Level Six:

    Level Seven:

    Level Eight:

    Level Nine:

    Level Ten:

    Level Eleven:

    Level Twelve:

    Congratulations! YOU WON BY CHEATING! WOOOOT

  30. guy who plays all the games says:

    where are the security cameras in level 7 please tell me

  31. bob says:

    how u do the first lvl

  32. matthew says:

    this game is easy i have done it about 6 times

  33. yoda says:

    were is the window with the biscuits in on lv 12

  34. I have a amazing horse says:

    Whooo completed easily!

  35. Alice says:


    can someone hlp me on the lvl were he is b hind a bush and u cant shoot the security cameras and u have to distract the guards

    • Willis Dyno Dyson says:

      You have to shoot the bars on the windows until the lion comes to the window, shoot the two cameras, then the street lights, then shoot the 2 lions on the roof.

  36. Juppie says:

    i need help NOW in the briefing room i can´t get panda !!!

  37. bilo says:

    how do u get past tha boeat level????

  38. Dot06 says:

    level 10!!!!!!!11!!1111111