Time Escape Episode 1: The Old House

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Time Escape Episode 1: The Old HouseTime Escape Episode 1: The Old HouseTimes Escape Episode 1 is a new Room Escape game designed by James Young from Barking Games.

“With about 500 images and 100 sounds, this game should give even the most experienced room escape expert a run for his/her money.

As with all room escape games you have to escape a room, well actually you have to escape a whole house” the author said on his site.

Sounds good, no?

Originally designed for a mobile phone, the game window is quite small on Jame’s site, but you can play the game in a bigger window on FGN’s server!

Have fun!

Note: please be patient while the game is loading…

Original link!

Update: Time Escape Episode 1: The Old House video walkthrough!
(thanks Tasselfoot!)

By Eric

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100 Comments to Time Escape Episode 1: The Old House

  1. Kanna says:

    …and stuck.

  2. Magog says:

    If you get all of the secrets you get Bonus Content. I got all the secrets, and after I got out, it provided me with a link.

  3. megrac says:

    how do you get the power on i already have the fuses in place

  4. DNOMN8R says:

    Completely stuck….

  5. Hels says:

    This is the best game I ever played

  6. Bridget says:

    What do you do with the soap, and the mouse, and the first round key. I am so lost

  7. atv says:

    I’m stuck in the basement I can’t find the explostive for the door with the rocks I played this last night and had to start all over I remember blowing it up but can not remember. Please Help

  8. atv says:

    Bridget for the Soap


  9. atv says:

    forget my last comment

  10. vanni ogg says:

    whats the safe-code for the first room, please??

  11. Johan says:

    Password for computer near the body = Show

    Paint brush of orange paint do you have to put in the orange paint, and then click on the wall, then there will be the key of the front door in the paint!

    The thing above the fireplace:

    Use the sword to Show

  12. Johan says:

    Bridget. use it on the brown key (there are 2 of them under the tabel in the room with lots of papers) us it on the smallest brown key

  13. sue says:

    what body? where’s the paintbrush? and how to put the power on??? help!

  14. Crool says:

    Sue, it’s after you put all the gems on his place. Than a new door opens and there is the paintbrush and the scelet where Johan is talking about ;)

    Great game!!! Looking forward to part2!!! :)

  15. sue says:

    indeed the best in a while

  16. Confused says:

    Lost…I put the gems in place and now I am getting a message that says “There is something stopping me from opening it”…… What am I doing wrong?

  17. anon says:

    Paint brush is where?

  18. anon says:

    where is the white gem?

  19. Sam says:

    where’s the second gem pattern?
    the first one doesn’t work

  20. Crool says:

    @Confused, you have to Show

    @Anong, paint brush, see #64

    @Sam, the combination, but Show

  21. Crool says:

    @Anon, There is NO White gem. See #70 comment to Sam.

  22. *.* says:

    the vid walkthrough is nice and all, but it doesn’t show how the info to solve the puzzles is attained. It just gets through the game. The combo to the safe, how to do the puzzle where you place crosses on the grid, how to get the x, y, z coordinates for the portal device, and how to learn the passwords are left up to you to find


    is located on a note you find somewhere in the house.
    the notepad next to the phone gives you the answer to the book safe in the first room.
    What I would like to know is, how does one get Show

    as the coordinates to the portal, where is the answer to the placing the crosses puzzle, and why is the final password Show


  23. Tom says:

    I like this game and have played it several times but only found 13 of 14 secrets. Here is what I have so far:


  24. Tom says:



  25. sammetje2 says:

    I totally love this game! One of the best room escape games! So many rooms and so much to explore. It’s different and challenging. Hope the next episode will come up soon! Thank you, James Young for this great game! :]

  26. ummm? help! says:

    How do you get to the BASEMENT??

  27. escourt says:

    where is the painting of the headless woman?

  28. TF says:

    hi, i,m new to this. anyone else stuck like me

  29. TF says:

    need to find blue gem and black gem, anyone? (time is 9 20 pm)

  30. jamie says:

    okay so i have all the gems in their places, but it keeps saying something is preventing it from openning!

  31. natalie allison says:

    how do you turn the electric on? i have put both fuses in but it is still not turning on!

  32. gollygirl says:

    I have the paint brush but it wont let me dip it in the paint can. I have done every thing else.

  33. TF says:

    hi, is anyone playing?

  34. Knee says:

    help! I only need one more gem!

  35. Knee says:

    anyone find the blue gem yet?

  36. Teti says:

    I am stuck in the kitchen. No door allows me to go upstairs. Please help

  37. Teti says:

    nevermind, i figured it out

  38. randyl says:

    red button opens the but the wall blows up =O}

  39. Pau says:

    I hope that there will be a sequel to this game, it’s genious!

  40. adelia says:

    thanks alot for the video-walkthrough!

    please show next time how to get the number-combinations and the password.

  41. Uki says:

    For those who want to solve de XXX safe:


  42. Uki says:

    To find the second fuse


  43. Uki says:

    To turn on the “power”


    One note


    Woman’s body picture

  44. Uki says:

    What to do with wine cup?

  45. Uki says:

    After using the woman’s body picture:

    Remember to write the position of gems.



  46. Uki says:

    Red Gem


  47. Uki says:

    What to do with the leg of the chair:

  48. Uki says:

    After writing the right code on right pc


    Then you enter the room with the two cards


    Now you have the paintbrush and


  49. stuck says:

    I appear to be stuck and can’t get the ladder or find the paint brush and can’t get any further without finding out how to turn the water on eiher……any help??

  50. elisha says:

    how u skrap fireplace and with what?