Have you already tried Chrome?

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Google ChromeGoogle ChromeNow that Chrome, the browser from Google, is no longer in beta, you might want to download it and give it a try.

I’ve played around with Chrome for the past month, and it now takes its place as my favorite browser, mostly because it is way faster than Firefox 3.0, which is way faster than IE itself.

If you are looking for speed when you visit FreeGamesNews on Windows, Chrome is unbeatable (at the time of writing) and loading pages is a third faster than with Firefox on my laptop!

Download Chrome.


6 Comments to Have you already tried Chrome?

  1. jeep says:

    I think it sucks. It’s slow. Much slower than firefox. When you download a file, you can only chose to save it. You can’t chose to just open it. And many other things. They still got some way to go before it’s great.

  2. chas says:

    oh def, i’ve had it for a while and i love the screen space it offers

  3. brin3m says:

    sorry but it slows my computer down

  4. ququ says:

    I downloaded Chrome (as I did Picassa, and uninstalled it as soon as I found out that it did not support downloading of big files either (i have 50mb glasfiber internet & wanted to download a 3d Role Playing Game-client in 1 file instead of 4 with mega-upload p.e.). Instead I installed Opera & I’m very satisfied with its performance…. Took just a little getting used to its interface but remembers my preferences without bugging me if i’m sure….. Chrome also seemed to be retarded like the internet explorer, needing conformation on me being sure I about not wanting its searchbar????, its Toolbar(sss)????, its ” newly developed enhancements to my browser and all this unwanted, my view filling crap”

  5. jeep says:

    Not only is Chrome no faster than any other browser at starting up. It’s slow to use. It’s very noticable, even in gmail, when you scroll up and down on a page, it’s slow compared to other browsers. Even with their own gmail!!!! So far chrome just has nothing to offer, but suckiness.

  6. Eric says:

    @jeep – You are right, scrolling up and down in gmail in Chrome is a bit slower than in FF. And I agree, you have to save a file when you download it before you can open it.

    That said, Chrome is the fastest browser to load pages I have ever used on my laptop (and on my desktops as well), and that’s why I’m using it. I still use FF and Opera for several reasons, but I really enjoy Chrome simply because it saves my time!