#06 Cottage

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#6 CottageCottageAfter Escapers #01, Escapers #02, Escapers #03, Escapers#04R and Escapers #05 Space, here is #06 Cottage from Odako Design, a new Escape game that takes place in an unusual place!

You find yourself trapped on an over water bungalow deck and you have no idea how to get out of here.

I wonder if there are sharks in the water? If so, I strongly recommend you stay on the deck :-)

Have fun!

Note: if you like “Water Bungalow escape” games, check out the Pon-pon House series!

#06 Cottage walkthrough (thanks Chris!)

#06 Cottage video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.35


51 Comments to #06 Cottage

  1. keli says:

    morning all! :D

  2. keli says:

    found a Show

    it was Show

  3. keli says:

    another is Show

    glass with red Show

  4. keli says:

    attach Show

    above Show

  5. ceres says:

    how do you open the one like a cabinet and with an umbrella above it?

  6. keli says:

    blue drink in Show

    plant in right corner oif wall Show

  7. keli says:

    stick Show

  8. ceres says:

    got a red and white fish.. wheres the third fish?

  9. keli says:

    the red fish Show

  10. ceres says:

    use stick to get the ball in the water

  11. ceres says:

    ok.. got the 3 fish.. i place them on the slots but nothing happened.i think it needs to be in correct order.. any ideas anyone?

  12. keli says:

    yellow fish Show

    the hint of how to open it is on Show

  13. keli says:

    yep, look at the shape on the cupboard, shaped like??

  14. ceres says:

    order of fish i think was green white then red.it opens the glass door.now im stuck..cant open the door on the floor

  15. keli says:

    crud, open Show

  16. Ken says:

    That’s where I’m at too. Can’t figure out the trap door.

  17. keli says:

    CERES… where did you find Show


  18. ceres says:

    anyone knows the number combbnation for the cabinet?

  19. ceres says:

    get the ball with the stick .pop it with the pencil..inside is the green fish

  20. keli says:

    i cant access any water, im guessing thats when you have opened the glass doors? i have the key?

  21. keli says:

    spoke to soon… power of posting. thanks Ceres!

  22. ceres says:

    the ball is outside the cabin.. have to go downstairs

  23. Ken says:

    Just found a


  24. Ralf says:

    combination is Show


  25. keli says:

    whats the silver thing for from out the yellow fish?

  26. keli says:

    never mind lol

  27. keli says:

    opened locked cupboard!!

  28. ceres says:

    thanks ralf..how did you figure out..

  29. keli says:

    and out:D

  30. keli says:

    having a ‘whale’ of a time :P

  31. Ralf says:


  32. ceres says:

    ok.. so there was a squid, starfish and ocotpus..now what?

  33. ceres says:

    got it.out

  34. Ed says:

    same question to Ralf, is it according to the pictures? 1 5 8 but how to figure out the 0

  35. Ralf says:


  36. simon says:

    the count of those 3 kind of animal legs.10,5,8

  37. Chris says:


    • Barbara says:

      I found a cute version: if you click the shell big and then click on it – you can call the whale-he answers in the same tone. I tried it with SOS (3long3short3long)- and it functionned immediately.

      • PICKLEPOOPER says:

        When u said green, yellow. Red you should be more clear instead of yellow its white it is confusing

  38. chas says:

    This creator just moved up a notch in my book. Good game, sir. Well played. Plus I beat it w/o a walkthrough.

  39. aa60 says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Chris…….It was a really nice game ……though I needed your help Chris…….lol

  40. lianski says:

    Very beautiful and not too difficult game! Congrats for the creator!

  41. Dax says:

    I guess you just have to know that Show

    Otherwise, nice game. Makes me wish I was in Tahiti.

  42. Shadow says:

    Easiest one so far. I think the flag thing was interesting; luckily I took a Spanish class:)

  43. Reka says:

    Loved this game. Right up there with Neutral’s best offerings: wonderful artwork, logical puzzles, and a lovely “flow” to the gameplay – the solution to one puzzle leads to the next puzzle, and there aren’t any moments where you’re sitting there randomly clicking because you’ve run out of options.

    My only complaint is that it’s almost too easy. :) Although I did have one moment of panic Show

  44. Reka says:

    Just read Chris’ walkthrough and got a bit confused, but then realized it just needs a translating dictionary: tray is code for “door”, sepia means “squid”, and seastar is a quaint way of saying “starfish”. (I figure the “yellow” in the colors of Italy bit is just a typo for “white”.)

  45. SuiteCandor says:


    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show

    9. Show

    10. Show

    11. Show

    12. Show

    13. Show

    14. Show

  46. hilman says:

    I thought there’s a cellphone to call for a boat instead of Show


  47. ellenmellon says:

    how do i combine the Show