Cottage Escape

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Cottage EscapeCottage EscapeCottage Escape is the 29th Room Escape game from 123Bee.

“After a hectic work schedule, you are getting some holidays to spend time in tranquility.

You are making use of the days and holidaying to the countryside cottage.

While enjoying your holidays you are trapped there. It is not an easy task to escape from this unknown place!”

Have fun!

Update: Cottage Escape walkthrough in comment #59 (thanks Steph!)

Update: Cottage Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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60 Comments to Cottage Escape

  1. Celica says:

    – first

  2. keli87 says:

    ne1 on?

  3. keli87 says:

    im feeding mouse cheese, but nothing in hole

  4. JCH says:

    I’m playing but very stuck

  5. JCH says:

    There is something in the hole Show

  6. JCH says:

    I have Show

  7. keli87 says:

    i have the rush light, 2 glasses and the whet stone
    looking for others guessed we needed something poke in the mouse hole

  8. keli87 says:

    ok im a muppet Show

    Sorry didnt use spoilers b4!! :(

  9. keli87 says:

    oh noo my games froze!!

  10. anonymouse says:

    where’s the stone?

  11. CJ says:

    anyone noticed Show

  12. JCH says:

    I’m out YEAY!!!!

  13. keli87 says:

    by the fireplace

  14. keli87 says:

    yeah i have, and whats with the painting anyone found something i haven’t?

  15. Moe says:

    Where’s the little stick?

  16. keli87 says:

    JCH how did u light up stairs?

  17. keli87 says:

    both sticks Show

  18. JCH says:

    to light the stairs

    hope that makes sense

  19. keli87 says:

    use smaller stick Show

  20. keli87 says:

    lol sorry JCH but at least i didnt need the hint i figured it :P

  21. keli87 says:

    the cups!! ooh magic :P

  22. Crool says:

    out, funny nice game

  23. keli87 says:

    OUT! hehe u have enormous brain power!! nice game wasnt that hard, just figuring out the lighting upstairs problem consumed most of my time!!

  24. Josie says:

    how can i open the chess??

  25. jess says:

    can anyone tell me what to do with Show


  26. jojo says:

    jess you needShow

  27. jojo says:

    jess the key Show

  28. jess says:

    oh, i only have Show

  29. jojo says:


  30. jess says:

    a Show

    thks a lot jojo anyway :-)

  31. jojo says:


  32. jess says:

    ooh ok thank you!!

  33. jess says:

    hum by the way Show

  34. jojo says:


  35. jojo says:

    just a thought Show

  36. jess says:


    i can’t find anything :( i really think i should stop these games, i’m so rubbish lol.

  37. jess says:

    never mind, found them ^^

  38. Sem says:

    How do you get into the drawer under the clock?

  39. Fanny says:

    I can’t. Where are the ropes that need to be cut?

  40. habib says:

    Where is the key?

  41. jojo says:

    Fanny the ropes Show

  42. jojo says:

    habib what key?

  43. habib says:

    I´m out….

  44. habib says:

    I was looking for the key for the chest.. but finally i found it.. thanks…

  45. tusa says:

    okay, I got out but never opened the box made with the glasses and never did anything with the picture. Did anyone ever use those things?

  46. Maria Ekholm says:

    Everyone keeps saying that they have find the key, but nobody tells where to find it. Please help…

  47. jojo says:

    Maria Ekholm what key do you want?

  48. jojo says:


  49. Maria Ekholm says:

    :) Finally I found it. And for others that have the same problem, the key for the drawer under the clock is Show

    Another thing, the small chest in your inventory, Show

    And for ‘jojo’, thank you… but I managed myself… finally… phuuu…:)