Hotel Escape

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Hotel EscapeHotel EscapeHotel Escape is a new Room Escape Game developed by Merlin Perez Gore that takes place in a hotel’s room. You are trapped in this room, and you have no idea what you are doing here.

Look around the room and find the objects that you can use and eventually, you will escape from the Hotel!

There are many other Room Escape games that takes place in a Hotel, in case you like them!

Have fun!

Hotel Escape walkthrough (thanks Crool!)

Hotel Escape 2 is live on FreeGamesNews!

By Eric

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94 Comments to Hotel Escape

  1. molly says:


  2. molly says:

    have Show

  3. zoeface says:

    stuck :(

  4. zoeface says:


  5. molly says:

    some sort of Show

  6. zoeface says:

    which drawer?

  7. molly says:

    wich you get the coathanger from

  8. molly says:

    i meant the coathanger

  9. zoeface says:

    oh right. well wheres the stick stuff then?

  10. molly says:

    under Show

  11. zoeface says:

    thankyou! :)

  12. molly says:

    ur wellcome

  13. Crool says:

    found Show

  14. molly says:

    iam out!!(“,)

  15. zoeface says:

    how much do i hate trying to move uding the torch grrr

  16. Crool says:

    found cardkey in safe Show

    When I want to leave the room with carkey Show

  17. zoeface says:

    what do you do once Show

  18. zoeface says:

    its alright, got it :)

  19. Crool says:

    now where the way out is now, but can’t find a screwdriver, you know where it is, or did you used something else?

  20. molly says:

    then go to Show

  21. Crool says:

    thx molly! Strangh end, number 2 is coming soon?? ;)

  22. lianski says:

    how do you switch on the lights in the room? … or it’s just a very dark game :))

  23. gandalf says:

    SPOILERS! Come on guys
    Plz use the spoiler tags!

    Edit: spoiler tags added…

  24. wendydarling says:

    can’t find the torch again…help!

  25. Crool says:

    lianski Show

    wendydarling Show

    gandalf Show

  26. Crool says:








    Walkthrough bathroom/toilet:



    combinate Show

    go back in the bedroom and Show


    and than see point 20.

  27. Crool says:

    Oh, forgot you have to combinate also: Show

    and pick up the Show

  28. Crool says:

    Walkthrough bathroom/toilet:



    combinate Show

    go back in the bedroom and Show


    and than see point 20.

    • Haloooooo says:

      whats point 20? ive done everything but i’m stuck at the part where Show

  29. doggy says:

    i need help on getting the metal lamp behind the tv please!!!!!!!!

  30. Ladymagirl says:

    where behind the wardrobe???can’t find it!

  31. jane says:

    how to lift the bed with the lamp?

  32. OMGITZME says:

    Where behind the wardrobe pleasee

  33. OMGITZME says:

    You need to click around the right down corner of the right wardrobe

  34. DNOMN8R says:

    Can’t find torch after trying to use keycard….

  35. Merlin Gore says:

    Thanks for the post Eric :) Hope you guys are enjoying Hotel Escape, I’m currently working on Hotel Escape 2, and it should be out soon!

  36. wxp says:

    how to put down the hanger after I use it?

  37. wxp says:

    I got it, if you want to put down sth, just press spacebar.

  38. person says:

    where is key i found all the stuff to get it but how do i find the key???

  39. Jonny Appleseed says:

    Guys I cant get to the lamp…

  40. Bronc says:

    i cant find the torch after i “clumsily” fall and drop it. so where the hell is it?!?!?!?!?!

  41. hesster says:

    where is the sticky stuff? i cant find it

  42. Me says:

    everytime i click the wardrobe for the key it sends me back to the tv…

  43. escape_junkie says:

    I can’t find the inventory….please help….I’ve been stuck here for half an hour

  44. Candy says:

    Rubbish ending

  45. Blah says:

    i cant find the torch after i drop it – a bit crap really

  46. daisy says:

    I think the game is buggy. I can’t seem to put anything away after I take it out of my inventory.

  47. daisy says:

    Ok, space bar is working now but I got stuck at the part where Show

  48. mj says:

    help me!!

  49. mj says:

    the bed will not lift!!!

  50. beth says:

    Help everytime i click the wardrobe at the right corner with the hanger, it sends me bak to the tv