Hotel Escape

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Hotel EscapeHotel EscapeHotel Escape is a new Room Escape Game developed by Merlin Perez Gore that takes place in a hotel’s room. You are trapped in this room, and you have no idea what you are doing here.

Look around the room and find the objects that you can use and eventually, you will escape from the Hotel!

There are many other Room Escape games that takes place in a Hotel, in case you like them!

Have fun!

Hotel Escape walkthrough (thanks Crool!)

Hotel Escape 2 is live on FreeGamesNews!

By Eric

current rating 2.64


94 Comments to Hotel Escape

  1. Meghan says:

    I can’t seem to lift the bed!

  2. kylee says:

    Wow. ending is really lame. And who the hell uses Show


  3. walkthrough says:

    walk forward and pick up note then go forward and go down it to the room and eat a pie

  4. Secret God says:

    Great game Merlin!
    Got a bit hard closer too the end…
    And that buisness with the dropping the torch…
    Can wait for #2!!!
    Keep ’em coming!

  5. pop! says:


  6. pop! says:


  7. aidan says:

    i cant beat it i need help can enyone help me

  8. LLLLLLLLLLL says:

    im clicking on the right bottom side of the right wardrobe but i cant find the key someone tell me why?? it annoying

  9. LLLLLLLLLLL says:

    its ok ive done it yay still got a way to go i think

  10. Christian says:

    it wont let me move away from the first screen after the tutorial screen

  11. ladiess says:

    ok, i like dropped the torch? what happens now..?

  12. help me with the freaking drawer plz

  13. julie says:

    what is the code

  14. cassidy says:

    omg! this is hard!!

  15. pumpernickle says:

    i use coins to unscrew things if i cant find a screwdriver it works very well

  16. slang says:

    this is hard!!!!!!!!!i cant do it

  17. lalaland says:

    uggg right wen i was l;ooking for the torch on the floor i accidently clicked menu and have to start over!!!! im not going to tho!!

  18. talor hile says:

    wtf s the key for the safe plz its like annoing me to death

  19. hailey says:

    How do I get the sticky thing? I can’t “zoom”…..?

  20. Dalton says:

    this is really freaking annoying how do i reach the key behind the drawer…

  21. ttfn says:

    Iam trying to get Show

    am I not clicking the right area?

  22. Elizabeth says:

    will someone please make a walkthrough for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. efef says:

    most annoying interface

  24. billybobjoe says:

    i cant find the walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. KaulitzTwinz says:

    grrr it wont let me combine th gottverdammt sticky stuff & hanger!!! heeeellppp!!

  26. KaulitzTwinz says:

    i got it!! but now how do u get th key out??

  27. Mish says:

    to get the Key


    I had so much trouble with that

  28. Fancourt says:

    Combine does not work at all. I combine the hanger and the sticky stuff, but they do NOT go into inventory, they just uncombine if I try to use it. Get the bugs out, please!

  29. rdydrmijf says:

    how do you lift the bed?????help please!

  30. bob sen claire says:

    guys how do u get the key from behind the wardrobe?!

  31. Alana says:

    where’s the torch!!!!!

  32. infranik says:

    out !
    after you get lost in the dark and lose the torch , Show

  33. beez says:

    I can combine the hanger and sticky stuff, but then i can’t use it. It just stays in the “combine stuff” area and I can’t get out of that without putting them away. WTH?

  34. Hannah says:

    I can’t find the sticky stuff can someone help me!!??

  35. luke says:

    I cant combine hanger and sticky stuff

  36. tese says:

    Where is the batteries for the remote??