Escape Library Remake

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Escape Library RemakeEscape Library RemakeEscape Library Remake Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

“Rupert is being arrested by the Military Police, and he must escape the room before they come to take him away.

Harder than the first. More items to find and more places to use them. More fun and more challenging!”

If you didn’t play the original, try this one instead!

Have fun!

Update: Escape Library Remake walkthrough in comment #110 (thanks DNOMN8R!)

Update: Escape Library Remake video walkthrough!

By Eric

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143 Comments to Escape Library Remake

  1. kungen says:

    bu you cane only fire the gun at the steeldoor

  2. kungen says:

    no need to do that, it works anyway, just fill up your magazine

  3. Gina says:


    just hope it helps some of you

  4. Gina says:

    small hint: don’t shoot up all your magazine, i had to start new ;)

  5. bosco says:


  6. Gina says:

    i have still a problem with finding the last piece, any idea?
    (sorry my english is not that good)

  7. Marc says:

    Ok, found 15 tiles; missing last one.

  8. Gina says:

    nearly tried everything but can’t find it,too

  9. kungen says:

    got some info of the places you found them?

  10. Gina says:

    did allready put the pieces in right order.
    missing piece must have a 6 right and 9 down

  11. kungen says:

    only got 11 tiles

  12. Gina says:

    what information do you need? @kungen

  13. Gina says:

    did you allready look behind the 8 boxes?

  14. Gina says:

    last piece is driving me crazy!!!

  15. Marc says:

    The 15 tiles are:

  16. Gina says:

    yep have them, too.

  17. Gina says:

    anyone further?

  18. Marc says:

    Opps: the 15th one is Show

  19. yram says:

    thanks Marc….

  20. Gina says:


  21. bosco says:

    how do you catch the one in the peach box?

  22. yram says:

    having trouble with that too

  23. bosco says:

    also cant grab the one behind the beer

  24. yram says:

    you just have to keep trying…got it finally

  25. kungen says:

    with the glass, its a bit tricky but keep trying:)
    taking a break now,i wish you all good luck!
    keep me informed,keep on posting comments
    nice playing with you all!!!!!!!!

  26. Marc says:

    how do you catch the one in the peach box?


  27. Marc says:

    I can’t find the last tile!!!!! Arg

  28. Gina says:

    finaly out (the older one was better!!!)

  29. yram says:

    found the last tileShow

  30. yram says:

    sorry…got ahead of myself…not quite but close!

  31. Marc says:

    I can’t find it. All I found was a magazine. How do you get it out?

  32. beep says:

    i still cant get the one from the peach box =/

  33. Fien says:

    where is the gun???

  34. beep says:

    how do you put more bullets in the gun?
    i put them in the magazine thing but i cant put then in the gun
    help please!

  35. beep says:

    nvm haha
    im dumb

  36. tim says:

    whats the code for the safe?


  37. kungen says:

    try it backwords, it worked for me,thanks to bosco

  38. Anti-tanten says:

    Thanx you guys who is playing. I am totally stucked….

    And Kungen….I am from Sweden too =)

    Havent all the tiles yet, but everyone that you have I think

  39. jackivee says:

    where is the magnifying glass??

  40. Marc says:

    The Magnifying glass is somewhere Show


  41. kungen says:

    i dont remeber been playing for some time now, maybe tim knows, we are trying to find the last tile, feels that we are very stuck!

  42. carb says:

    anyone still here? i am unable to find the magnifying glass. Please help

  43. tim says:

    you mean backwards as in Show

  44. Anti-tanten says:

    How do you get a grip on that tile in the box with peaches? I cant take it….

  45. Anti-tanten says:

    tim: I wrote my licensnumber or what it is called backwards and the safe opened. I started with the first number on the gun last in the row of numbers on safe.

  46. beep says:



  47. Marc says:

    This game sucks! Can’t find the last tile.

  48. death13a says:

    Where is magazine for pistol i just can’t find it i can only move 2 books on bookself?

    for pistol double click it, use magnifying glass and click right side to end of barrel.

  49. tusa says:

    how do you get the card in the bullets box? I’ve emptied the box and gotten the magazine, but no card.

  50. Marc says:

    I don’t think there is a card in the bullet box. I believe someone mispoke earlier