Crypt Keeper

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Crypt KeeperCrypt KeeperCrypt Keeper is a new Room Escape game found at ArmorGames.

“That might have you been doing last night to wake up in the middle of a graveyard all by yourself?

Nonetheless, you need to escape.”

The TAB key is your friend in this atmospheric Escape game. In case you get stuck, a walkthrough is provided in-game.

Have fun!

Crypt Keeper walkthrough

By Eric

current rating 4.00


53 Comments to Crypt Keeper

  1. Katiee says:

    I tried the username and password for the computer but it dosnt workk! i though it was graveman amor57 or annor57. i tried EVERYTHING! nothing works! help me!

  2. Brenda says:

    Help I’m having trouble opening the hidden door

  3. lilniki3298 says:

    Where do the key and the flashlight go once you grab them? I’m having trouble finding them.