Chemistry Lab Escape part 1: The Acid Test

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Chemistry Lab Escape part 1: The Acid TestChemistry Lab Escape part 1: The Acid TestChemistry Lab Escape part 1: The Acid Test is a new Room Escape game from 123Bee.

“You are trapped in a chemical lab. You have to use the available clues to escape from here.

Finding the way out will really test your ingenuity!”

Are you good at chemistry?

Have fun!

Update: Chemistry Lab Escape part 1: The Acid Test walkthrough in comment #102 (thanks R.F.!)

By Eric

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112 Comments to Chemistry Lab Escape part 1: The Acid Test

  1. Tyman1180 says:

    ahh the blue sheet has Show

  2. Josh says:

    Using the rod on the sheet did nothing for mine…did you do something to the rod?

  3. Burbuja says:

    If you keep dripping liquid on the sheet… It says Neon

  4. Tyman1180 says:

    ok set the sheet and the beaker on the table pick up the rod and then click on the clear part of the beaker, your rod should appear to have clear stuff dripping off of it. Keep clicking on the blue sheet and letters should start appearing.

  5. Burbuja says:

    then do what?

  6. Brendon says:

    blue sheet

  7. Josh says:

    Thanks, I was clicking on the beaker with the rod and gloves, instead of clicking the tip of the rod in the clear stuff…the beaker just kept disappearing.

  8. Tyman1180 says:

    what do i do with the sheet now? you can pick it up now.

  9. JrO says:

    use Show

    on the periodic table :)


  10. kelly says:

    comp crashed :( i swear i had two beakers

  11. Josh says:

    Working on it lol…

  12. JrO says:

    sorry about the spoiler fail guys… :(

  13. Burbuja says:

    There’s info about Neon in the trashcan

  14. Josh says:

    I don’t think it matters but I’m pretty sure parts of the periodic table are wrong…

  15. kelly says:

    ive got the keys 3 test tubes 1 beaker a rod and the evil book, what am i missing? was there not a second beaker

  16. carley says:


  17. tom says:

    how do you mix the blue stuff with the water?

  18. Frank says:

    type in Show

  19. Josh says:

    Yes Show

  20. Tyman1180 says:

    ohhh soo simple

  21. Justus says:

    the sheet will spell out Show

  22. Josh says:

    Well done Carley!

  23. Dan says:

    Well that sucked, all done.

  24. Tyman1180 says:

    i new it had to do with the table somehow

  25. kelly says:

    thanks josh

  26. kelly says:

    Out finally, thanks for that beaker

    anyone figure out why when u clicked on the blue sheet and then the book that u cudnt get out of the screen?

    Maybe if u did it when u had both keys maybe one of them slotted in it?

  27. Kyle says:


  28. kelly says:

    or is it not a slot and its showing u the red blue grey = the key?
    i tried it had no effect

  29. Kyle says:

    how do you mix the blue stuff with water? im stuck

  30. Tyler says:

    How do you get the other gloves besides the white ones?

  31. vick says:

    i cant get the code to work is it Show

  32. vick says:

    sorry, if u do it with brackets it doesnt work.

  33. vick says:

    angular brackets*

  34. YO says:

    Yo step 50 is NOT working!!!

  35. YO says:

    oops nvr mind
    got it!
    thanks carley and evry1 else

  36. Stephanie says:

    i’ve done all up to using the medal rod and dipping it in the beaker and clicking on the blue sheet but all i got is eon?

  37. liana banana says:

    all i got was the gloves, the basic chemistry book and the beaker. im clicking all over and cant do one single thing!!!i also clicked on the trash bin at the top right corner of the screen and found paper inside it that said lots of equation stuffies…. but besides that im lost in space…

  38. Matty B says:

    heres a walkthrough.

  39. Matty B says:

    Ugh sorry didnt end the tag

  40. MB says:

    i escaped Show

  41. zoeface says:

    im stuck at the blue sheet too :(

  42. Masn says:

    how the he11 do i put water with the blue powder? i cant get it from the leaky tap

  43. THQ says:

    I got everything!

  44. jackdog says:

    how do u put the red tube under the fire thing

  45. Richdude says:

    Okay so I have the red test tube, I have the grey test tube,gloves and glass rod, and I have the beaker of blue stuff.
    But how the heck do you get water into the beaker???

  46. one says:

    how do u get the water in the blue substance

  47. Sam Parker says:

    Matty B didnt compete the walkthrough. Heres a less vague spoiler.


  48. Stephanie says:

    sometimes the game lags and screws up a bit, the first time i was doing the neon thing it didn’t really work, but the second time after i refreshed it worked. Show

  49. Stephanie says:

    make sure your blue power is in a test tube and then place it under the drip and click.

  50. MGB says:

    what a bad walkthough, a walkthrough shouldn’t assume that u read ALL thecomments all 98 of them *poopoo*, and possibly spoil the whole game :(