TTM: The Terrific Menace (of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy!)

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TTMTTMThe Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy (TTM) is a new Point’n’Click adventure game, released online just a few days ago.

First of all, the game is in Italian (and its original name is “La Terribile Minaccia degli invasori dall’ Audiogalassia”) and an English version should be available later this year.

TTMThe authors, Mark Lago, Paul Nicoletti and Federico Duties, three Italian from Turin, worked for the last three years during their spare time to develop the game.

The hero, a young developer, is captured by a group of aliens who plan to take over the world. He – you – will have to find out how to save the world by thwarting the aliens plan.

Use your mouse to move or examine objects. Holding the left button of your mouse down opens a contextual menu; you can then talk to people, use objects or get objects. You can also check your inventory: use this option if you want to save (“salva”) your progress or restore (“carica”) a previous game.

The authors, who found their inspiration from games like Day of the Tentacle, did a really impressive job: both graphics and soundtrack are gorgeous, and there are tons of places to visit and puzzles to solve, plus several references to “mythic” heroes such as Snoopy or Michael Jackson.

Expect several hours of fun to finish this one without any walkthrough or other hints! Have fun!

Note: click the “Gioca” button to lauch the game.

Source: gotoandplay.

Download file size: >20MB. A Windows version is also available here.

Update: the english version is coming soon. Check here!

By Eric

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  1. DaDewd says:

    Crap! I don’t speak italian!

  2. Jo says:

    Is there a walkthrough I’m a bit stuck :(